Thursday, August 11, 2022
Do Yourself a Favor and Use a Chi Ball

Do Yourself a Favor and Use a Chi Ball

While being human beings, our minds raise up many questions at any specific earthen point in time. One of the favorite questions a person can...
Existence and Nonexistence

Existence and Nonexistence

Everything is based on contrast. You can read these lines only because there is enough contrast between the letters and the background. Black and white are...
Heal the World

How to Heal the World

Heal the world by carrying in your heart at least two persons. Carry the one who carries you in their heart then add another...
Seven words make a story

The Writer in Me

The Writer in me had just ran away. I looked for her everywhere. Surprisingly... she is smarter than I and definitely found a secret...
Child of God


  A huge happiness has embraced my heart today. A happiness which made me feel that suddenly, the Heavens just landed on earth. My whole...
Done Deal

Who’s in charge? Me or my Ego?

Today I was very upset because my internet connection was down. I found myself into a sea fret that for some moments could not...


It is said that Perseverance means the quality that allows someone to continue trying to do something even if it is difficult. Others are...
What Road to Take

How Can We Tell What Road To Take? Premise and Theme

Recently, the developer of the Weave my Tale project, Jim Lyons had asked me to begin studding the premise and theme of a book. In...
I am busy doing nothing... Do not disturb.

Mood and Peace

  -Part 1- Today my mood for writing is null. I already stared at my laptop for more than 5 hours; suddenly so many things could...
Perception of Reality

Perception of Reality

It is a deep dark night. Because of a malfunction at the town’s power station, the electricity has been cut off for several hours now....

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