Who Am I

Several days ago, a Romanian interviewer asked: “Who are you, MC Simon?”

Well… this is one of the deepest and hardest questions someone can ask. Moreover, when this is the first question in an interview, you immediately know that the conversation will follow a certain path that will not offer any chance to dissimulate.

We imagine that we comprehend who we are but… do we really have the answer based on a single life lived on this planet? Can we really paint the essence that embraces us with human words?

Here and Now, I AM a being who has received a human body. I AM a human being who, being “limited” by the received body, tries to establish a connection between her heart and her mind. It is a connection that, one day should provide the answer to the question, “Who am I?”

I am not only the child who was delivered on the Chinese Year of the Fire Horse, with a beautiful name chosen by two amazing parents.

I am not only the eternal teenager whose blood was boiling trying to overcome each challenge that this extraordinary life has offered.

I am not only the everlasting student whose eyes become bigger towards the Unknown, in her trials to comprehend Him.

I am not only the engineer who adores her job that’s now been practiced for more than a quarter of a century.

I am not only the proud mother of the most beautiful, smart and incredibly gifted daughter, who succeeded to transform this life into anything else but boring.

I am not only the half of the other wonderful half of my soul, whom I’ve met again after almost half of century of waiting; my beautiful other half who transmitted to me the desire to paint with words the subjective and relative perception of Reality.

I am not only MC Simon, the writer whose goal is to rebuild in people the trust in their own forces and in the incredible powers that they received at birth; powers which, maybe they have forgotten about somewhere inside the depth of their being.

I AM all what “I am not only”, and much more! I AM who I AM. And in this form, I follow my Path to consciously touch The Absolute… The ONE who’s Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent.

The same as YOU and like any other soul that accepted in these times, the challenge to experience life inside a human body, on this wonderful planet we call Earth.

Who Am I

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  1. What an inspiring message! We can be mothers, business owners, and so many other things, but when it comes down to it I AM a human that is connected to all.

    Why am I here? to love Simple.


    • You are so right, Donna! We came here simply to Love! I wonder… if people would figure this out… what a beautiful world we would live in! Not that it’s not already beautiful, but our perception is altered by the “box” that limits us.


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