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M.C. Simon is my pen name. When I chose it, I thought of making my readers lives easier. Can you imagine what it means for an English speaker to try pronouncing my birth name? If you can’t imagine yet… simply try to say it… Mirela-Carmen Simonescu. Did you get it? How was it? Just in case you did get it, I assure you that the true pronunciation of the name must be said in a completely different way. 🙂


Obviously, it was not necessary to write my complete name here. But, this is for my clients to know why the payments are signed as such.


Who am I? Briefly, I am an author, copywriter, blogger, reviewer, project manager, researcher, engineer, happy mother and a beloved wife… which makes me an expert at being a busy person.

Exactly like YOU, isn’t it so?

My passion for studying different subjects and domains helped me succeed in the first year of becoming a blogger and a published author, starting from the ground level. And all this while I kept my full-time job as an engineer, a mother, and a wife. Still… I have a secret helper… my husband.

If you insist on believing that only swimming is possible, you will never learn to fly,” says one of my two favorite rules of life.

Yes, that’s me. I believe in the boundless possibilities, which are our birth gifts that maybe we have forgotten about; and I believe that we are the only ones who are blocking these gifts; blocking them due to our induced beliefs.

We can do anything, absolutely anything; with the only condition that We truly desire it.

Therefore, from my point of view, any Bio in which I am the main character must include this statement:

I was, I am and I will always strongly affirm that if anyone can do any action on this planet, I can also do it; the only condition is to want this with all my heart.


Thanks to this, I am now addicted to daily workouts at my writing Gym, where I receive the power to lift unlimited weights in several areas of interest.





You are invited to visit my websites where I am trying to speak directly to your heart.

“Everything is based on contrasts. You can read these lines only because there is enough contrast between the letters and the background”.

Yes, that’s me also; fire and ice, sweet and bitter, warm and cold… I am wondering now… can the letters which I chose, bring out enough contrast to keep your attention awakened?


Should you need my help, check the Services page.

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