how to relax when busy

How To Relax When You Are Too Busy Making Money 

Part 1 – The One Free Minute



Nowadays, you start to get busy and busier, no matter whether you are young or old.

The busy moments slowly conquer your time.

Somehow, stress touches everyone.

The good news is that no matter how busy you are, we have some useful tips for you.

Today, check out how to relax…

10 Ways to Relax

when You have only

One Free Minute


how to relax one minute


  1. Use the positive affirmation technique.
    • Choose one which you consider to be real and tell it to yourself in your mind.
    • Choose anything that is convenient for you.
    • You should always love to highlight the trust in your powers.
    • Statements such as “I trust myself that I will [… goal …]” will not only relaxing you but also inspiring your future actions.
  2. Write on a piece paper the best part of your day up to that moment.
    • This will make you become confident that good moments can still come.
  3. While asking yourself how to relax, listen to your favorite music and dance to it.
    • Yes, stand up and dance for one minute.
    • Don’t forget to smile while dancing to it.
    • You’ll soon notice the difference in your attitude and you’ll stop wondering how to relax 🙂
  4. If you love your voice, don’t just dance, but also sing.
    • Notice that I didn’t say if someone else loves your voice.
    • Don’t try to relax another person in your one free minute, only yourself.
  5. Massage your temples.
    • Add some pressure on them while massaging with your fingers using a circular motion.
    • This is not only relaxing but your entire energetic balance will be normalized.
    • Your sight and power of concentration will also be improved.
  6. Sit in your chair, close your eyes and breathe.
    • Just consciously breathe.
    • Feel the air that circulates inside your nostrils as it fills your lungs.
  7. While you consciously breathe, practice gratefulness.
    • Be grateful that you are breathing.
    • Don’t try to find another reason to be grateful for in this one free minute.
    • It will stress you out due to the short time that you have.
    • Be happy that you can breathe and don’t forget to smile.
  8. Brush your hair.
    • You heard me well.
    • Your blood flow will be accelerated and your mind will start to calm.
    • When wondering if it’s a right or wrong way of doing it, check this post.
  9. Use your fingertips to massage your scalp.
    • This will be a real delight for your hair but not only to it.
    • The blood’s micro-circulation from the scalp level is activated.
    • Obviously, you don’t have time for a professional scalp massage; therefore, it’s your choice to focus on only one of the six essential steps: neck stiffness, concentric rotations, lateral massage, pinching, vibration, and draining.
  10. Close your eyes.
    • Envision your body embraced by a rainbow of colors.
    • Imagine this rainbow touching your head, wreathing around it and going down to your feet in a circular embracement.
    • Imagine the same rainbow entering your body through what is called the seventh chakra and visualize how every one of your cells is permeated and healed by its touch.


Don’t worry if you have five free minutes and due to the “one-minute advice,” you don’t know how to manage the remaining four.

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