Become the MASTER of YOUR LIFE!

Become the MASTER of YOUR LIFE!

I have a straight question: “What do you think is inside this website for you?”

“What an egoistic question!” you’ll say looking at me with your deep beautiful eyes.

“Aren’t we all egoists? Would you begin reading this website with no expectations of receiving anything from it?”

Well… you get the idea… the main point is that I am writing for YOU… yes, YOU who are over 50!

Why am I doing this? Because… simply because after half a century spent on this planet, I have something to say; something that will hopefully make your life easier… or maybe more interesting. Contrary to what people usually think, we will together prove that…

The Real Amazing Life starts After 50.


Is this your first time here? This is what you’ll find:

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Life after 50
Body, Mind and Soul

You are a multi-dimensional being; you have multiple passions and areas of interest.

Who would prefer to be stuck in a corner, blocked by one specific topic? For this reason, we will together dig in as many areas as possible, fitting with the earthen time that we reside in.

This helps you find your travel in these times and space, so amazing! In addition, best of all… You never get bored!

Someone said that on a home page, you have to mention “something only you can offer that no one in your field does“.

What is it that only I can offer you? TRUST in Yourself. There are so many people over 50 who believe that life can’t offer them many things anymore. This is so wrong! In fact, you already have it All.

Subscribe for updates and gain:

  • Positive inner growth
  • Spiritual and physical development
  • The touch of your authentic self
  • Knowledge to conquer all your worries, pains, illnesses, sadness, despair and lack of trust.
  • The Freedom to Believe in Yourself

Become the MASTER of Your Life!

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A New Beginning after 50

This section is for the readers who muster the courage to start a new life, making a living from writing.

  • Just imagine being your own boss.
  • Just imagine making a living from your writing.
  • And, all these at the age when most of the people believe that they are too tired for a new beginning.

All you need is a laptop or a computer, an internet connection and the desire to write.

Being a content writer is such a rewarding activity! It fills your mind and heart.

It’s not a get rich quick formula but it is a reliable and wonderful way of making a living.

Who am I to say this? Well… you can find more details by checking the About MC Simon page.

Subscribe for updates and become the only one who decides:

  • Where you work
  • When you work
  • How much you work
  • With whom you work
  • While you are doing exactly what you like – enjoying your writing

Become the MASTER of Your Life!

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