How To Relax When You Are Too Busy Making Money

Part 3 – The 30 Free Minutes


relax when you are too busy

In the last post, we talked about How to relax when you are too busy and have only five free minutes for yourself.

Finally, here is the third part of the series How To Relax When You Are Too Busy Making Money – “The 30 Free Minutes”.

Of course, we could prolong this series, by expanding it to one hour, or even one day.

However, not only are you too busy to read more on the subject of relaxing, but I also trust your creativity.

I know you will manage your time very well when you have a totally and completely free day.

5 Tips for your 30 Free Minutes of Relaxation


  1. Rest on your couch and read an inspirational book.
    • I would not advise you to start reading an adventurous book, a horror or a romantic one.
    • The 30 free minutes would be spent taking you into the book’s action, and you will gain a feeling of frustration when you’ll need to interrupt your reading.
    • For this reason, the advice is to read an inspirational book.
    • Thirty minutes are more than enough to give you reasons to wonder, to meditate, and to think about.
    • And not only this but the reading will uplift your soul.
    • You’ll see how suddenly everything seems to become smoother, and any obstacles that you had perceived before as an unbearable mountain climb will now look like a valley.
  2. Try dry brushing to your skin.
    • Your skin is the largest from all your organs, and a dry brushing can give you excellent benefits.
    • It will not only intensify the blood circulation and help with the removal of impurities from your skin, but it will also bring you a relaxing mood.
  3. Go out in Nature.
    • Lie down on the ground; let your bare feet touch the green grass.
    • Smell the air, smell the flower’s fragrance.
    • Let the air breeze embrace you.
    • Or, you can be the one who embraces a tree. Let your heart talk with it.
    • There are so many wonderful and healing things that you can do while permitting yourself to admire Nature.
  4. Don’t be frustrated if the grass outside is no longer green. Take your car, drive it for 30 minutes on an open road.
    • roll the window down and… enjoy the rain, touch the snowflakes, taste the drops with your tongue,
    • remember your childhood age when… this was one of the greatest pleasures you could afford.
    • Let yourself be one with Nature.
    • Feel the energy that crosses your entire body and let all your worries be taken away by the wind.
  5. Make plans for your next free day.
    • Visualize your happiness and the freedom of your soul.
    • Plan out as many details that you need to feel relaxed.
    • Fill your heart with hope for the wonderful time that you will spend, exactly as you like… alone or near your loved ones.

These are only five from the infinite possibilities that you have to relax whenever you have 30 free minutes.

Obviously, you will adapt them according to your preference.

For the days when you don’t have the mood for any of the above tips, let me give you the sixth bonus tip.

Every time you feel confused not knowing what to choose, come back to our website.

You can find the inspirational “book” mentioned above, read it and see the difference it makes in your life, even if you are too busy making money.

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  1. Hi, Lee 🙂
    Thanks for the comment. While reading it, my brain was hit by an idea. Such as always when I read your words.
    What do you think if we publish it as an article in your account from Writers Pay It Forward? It’s a long time since you didn’t update your writings.

  2. Last night about 10PM I found myself at The President’s Ball Field. A local, series of sports fields in our community. The lights were still on but all had left. The game was over. I pulled out my book, I always have 5 or so to chose from along with my journal and laptop.

    I commenced reading a bit… “reality is matter…. it’s stuff… reality is thought… it’s mind…” Wow!!! Whatever it is, my I am, my body included is sandwiched between it all or all of it.

    First I started to read at the picnic table behind home plate. I then got up and started to read my book Quantum Economics by Dr. Amit Goswami, while walking around the bases. I made a few rounds and the feeling came on me to walk down the first base line.

    I got out half way between the dirt and the fence and the lights went out. Pitch black. I said, well how beautiful. I started to walk back to the car as I couldn’t read, but found myself pausing on the third base line and removing my shoes and socks and laying my book down and walking in the grass, something I don’t do much any more.

    By the way, my business, Tools Of Perception, Inc., does not have a positive cash flow as to date, although I remain optimistic. So you see, I am not business making money yet.

    I started to slide my feet through the grass as it felt so wonderful and made a circular path back towards the first base line, where it met the fence.

    After a few passes, back and forth, a lightening storm crept in. I went out in center field and laid down and watch the show as if I was staring out the window of a house. Incredible.

    I marveled at how small we are compared to nature. I began to talk to the universe and commanded the light that was hidden to be released from its resting place and pour forth to all the places that were in need of it.

    I am not certain how the money will flow but I am learning to wait on nature to teach me what I need to learn.

    The rain came and I endured, it was quite an experience. It then cleared and a nice stiff breeze came through to dry me out.

    I am attempting to prepare my “mindset” for the new subtle economy that has to be ushered in.

    Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted. – Einstein
    p.s. I am not going to argue over who said this quote as some say Einstein was not the one who originally said it. I personally don’t take credit for anything, as I was given air to breath and thoughts to think. I don’t purposeful steal, another’s “line.”


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