How to quit smoking
How to quit smoking

Who told you that you can’t quit smoking? Did you somehow hear that it’s too hard to quit?

Well, my dear reader, just in case you heard them, these statements are made only to keep you under control. There are lots of reasons for which you must be controlled on this planet. But I will not talk about them because concentrating on the so called negative things is not for our interest.

Before going further to teach you two of the easiest modalities to quit smoking, let me tell you what you already know; but maybe you are still not sure in each moment how to apply it in your life. You think you know all but… be sincere! Look at your life in this moment. Is everything so well, like you dreamed? Is there any lack in your life which bothers you? Well… in case you answered “yes” to the first question and “no” to the second one… I advise you to go and tell the whole world how you succeeded to find the answer to the eternal question… “What is the meaning of my life?” In the event your answers are not according with what we were talking about earlier, than keep reading on…

Let’s talk a little about the unconscious mind. According to Freud it has a will and a purpose of its own, that can’t be known by the conscious mind. In fact for this reason we name it “unconscious”. Somehow, this is an archive of wishes, desires, painful memories, traumatic emotions and so on. Because the conscious mind can’t always absorb all the information around us, the unconscious enters in its role and stores what was “lost”, so it can retrieve it at specific moments in time… when the information is needed. It can be a survival situation with its extreme of life and death, or a simple puzzle whose solution would make our life easier. This archive of information can help us also in the so called miraculous healings. In fact it is nothing miraculous there but only our internal memory that brings to surface what we need.

The power of subconscious mind
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Some people call it unconscious, others subconscious. There are various discussions about how to name it, but sincerely speaking… who cares? What I want to point out here is that even if our mind, brain or whatever you want to call it doesn’t give us an easy solution for a hard task, this inside knowledge comes to surface when it is needed. It can do it in extreme situations without us consciously asking, or we can train ourselves to evoke it. This subconscious mind controls what we can’t control with our brains; our beliefs, habits, our tastes, strengths, weaknesses, values, memory, motivation, skills. And if we learn to use it, this can be our greatest ally; it is there especially to serve us. Somehow on our path we lost the control and it chose to deeply hide. Do you get it now? The most precious treasure was given to us… we must only learn to open the chest which keeps it locked.

This treasure has a huge influence in our life; the idea is to control this influence, to use it when we want. Methods are several; you can use repetitions until you program it; you can also chose to believe in yourself and this belief will unlock the chest’s lock; or like others prefers, you can try the induced hypnotic trance or the auto hypnotic variant. I always preferred the second option; probably because I am that lucky type of reincarnated soul into a human body who never lost the trust in myself. Whatever the need is, the method helps me anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

Learning how to form a team which includes both conscious and unconscious mind, our life skills will significantly improve. Did I just say improve? In fact it is not only this… in fact what we call heaven will land on earth. I wondering if it would not be too boring to always feel like being in heaven; but this is another subject of course.

Being a place where our beliefs and memories are stored, usually multiple affirmations are not enough to improve them. This is because all the affirmations are done on a conscious level; same times the unconscious mind is filtering them because they don’t match our belief system.

In fact here I am pleading for the option in which we have to cancel the limits of our beliefs. Doing this, we will succeed to do whatever we want, of course this being related to our own correction and not others.

          • I can do anything.
          • I am so smart.
          • Men always cheat.
          • I am a victim.
          • It’s hard to quit smoking.
Joseph Murphy
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What are these affirmations? Actually they, and many more similar ones form our belief system. They are solid ideas stored in our subconscious mind; whether they are true or not we will believe them as long as we hold them locked in our mind. Many of these beliefs are laying there from our childhood, born from our trust in the close people who were near us; or they were instilled during our journey in this world and based on our appreciation for others ideas which we consider to be trusted sources. And if during this journey we hear for example that… is hard to quit smoking, all our life becomes a struggle against this smoking process because on one hand we know that we must quit and we want to do it, but our subconscious mind is telling us that is too hard and we can’t do what we want to do.

And this will happen until the moment when… we connect all the dots. The dots are there in our subconscious mind… all we need is to work on this connection.


So, today’s question is ‘How to quit smoking’? May be you are wondering why the first Guru’s theme was exactly this. Well, the answer is so simple. This is a subject, whom you must agree, if you get rid of its stress, you can improve not only one, but multiple aspects from your life.

As a first statement let’s say that the financial aspect will be improved substantially. And what do you think about your health? Maybe right now you are healthy, but wouldn’t you like to be healthy as you age? And what do you think about the stress you have in buying gum or having to wash your teeth frequently whenever you have an important meeting? Why? This is simply because your breath shows to everyone that you are a smoker. And not all people love smokers. So, you can lose a business deal or even a lover because of your breath. Do you somehow think that it is healthy to chew gum or to wash your teeth so often? Believe me when I say that for sure it is not. Don’t ask me to elaborate on this subject now. For the moment just believe me that no gum or tooth paste will make you healthier; even if the advertising industry says something else.

So, let’s go on with what we care about.

Let’s skip the reasons for which I chose ‘How to quit smoking’ as a first theme. Finally it doesn’t matter so much. Instead, all that matters is that you are reading this, so for sure you are that one reader who wants to quit smoking. Let’s proceed.

Let me tell you about myself and cigarettes. Many years ago we had such a strong connection!

I tasted the first cigarette when I was 17. What times we had! Everything was great, nothing could stop us and our dreams… not even those humans we call parents. The teenager’s parents… such weird humanoids! They believed that they know everything and whenever you thought that life was wonderful… those human beings came and for some odd reasons known only to them, they were starting to give you advice. It was raining with advices. It was storming with advices… real hurricanes materialized. No matter where you are living on this planet, no matter if in that area you never seen a tornado… still… when you are a teenager, you meet it for the first time in your life… the parents’ advice tornado.

I was a normal teenager, so around me were all the time storms of advice. One of these was called “Don’t smoke”. Of course I was a non-smoker, but when you are bombarded all the time with advice starting with the magic words “do not”… and if by chance this advice comes while the adviser was just inhaling from a thin, long and white object having a filter on one end, and the storm of advice was enveloped in an interesting smoke which was making you cough, you are tempted to run outside to breathe some fresh air.

And outside you are meeting with your teenagers friends. You start to discuss the last news with them.

“Did you hear this one? I just found the ultimate truth! We are not allowed to smoke!”

“Yes, yes! I heard it today also! For sure we are not allowed to smoke!”

“Is it forbidden?”

“Of course it is forbidden”

“Well, if it is forbidden lets go buy a pack of cigarettes”.

And so I started a period in my life in which I proudly called myself “a smoker”. I remember the first cigarette. Such an ugly taste! I simply couldn’t understand why those humans called parents were so dependent on such nasty things!

But I had to do it! Even now, at this age, whenever I hear that I’m not allowed to do something, I am doing it with all my heart!

So, look at me… I was a smoker! And I was like this until I reached the age of 31. But let me tell you how this period was. After some years, not so many, while I was inhaling that smoke which I was already depending on, I looked in the ashtray. And what I saw there, hit my sight in a very deep way. Is it necessary to tell you how my brain was hit? Listen and wonder… I was alone in the house, enjoying reading a book. I was enjoying also my cigarette, but at one point in time, somehow I felt that something is not fine with my ashtray. Well… it was probably fine, but my eyes suddenly saw five… yes exactly five cigarettes… Do you think this is weird? Of course it is not. But… what do you think when you look in your ashtray and see five burning cigarettes while you are alone in the house with no recall of when you lite all of them. In that moment… I decided that I MUST quit smoking. And like all my decisions, this one was a very strong one. I told to as many people as I could. I was very proud of my decision. Of course everyone told me that it will be hard to do, what I wanted to do.

And… Astonishingly… I believed them. And I tried to quit… and I tried again to quit… and after many years I was still trying! It really became the obsession of my life.

Each evening I was collecting the remaining unsmoked cigarettes from the house, finding any hidden packs and afterwards I would wet them and break them into many pieces which I would then throw in the garbage bin. And I was telling myself that next day… will be the first day when I will be a non-smoker after such a long time.

Yes… you know that feeling… when you are bravely saying to yourself “Tomorrow I will quit smoking”. And you really believe what you are saying. You believe it so much and so deep that a miracle suddenly happens and your wish comes true. In an eternal tomorrow, you will quit smoking.

But let’s go back to our story… Each night I went to sleep, full of hope and… and when the sun arose… and a new day was starting, I was still full of hope. But each day, at exactly 10 a.m., I would become nervous. But I was so nervous that if by any chance someone would come to visit me and if by the same chance that someone would dare to argue with me… I was not sure how all this could finish. Because believe me… I am so good in fighting…

So… each day at exactly 10 a.m. with my hands already shaking and with a huge hunger for a fight, I was going to the nearest store to buy cigarettes. Of course while I was on my way, I was hardly trying to find humans whom to upset me. Like this, those small white objects succeeded to transform me whenever I wanted to get rid of them.

Do you somehow recognize yourself in all these situations? Do you somehow need to tell yourself what sensation of happiness had invaded my being when the exchange between the dollars and the cigarettes was made in the store? Must I explain to you how tasty the first cigarette obtained in this way was each morning? My logic advices me that if you started to read this, it means you are a smoker. Same logic is saying that if in this point of my story you are still reading, it means you want to quit. So this leads me to the idea that you already tried hard to quit smoking. So, to conclude, you already know how tasty is the first cigarette after you bravely tried to quit.

Let’s come back to our story without going too deep in the immensity of my logic. I tried quitting like this for many years… and of course in many other ways which I heard about. So, when I was 31, while I was again alone… yes, I was many times in life alone and for this reason I became so smart… because I used the lonely time to develop my smartness on this planet…

Joe Silva
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So… when I was 31, while alone… I started to talk with myself. Not like you are talking with an imaginary friend, but exactly like you talk with yourself when you know that no one can hear you and no one will judge what you say.

And after some time I started to analyze my life till that moment. And suddenly something hit my head! It was an idea… invading my mind like a stroke. And I had a revelation: my whole life had a main point… I had only one fixation… to quit smoking. All that I ever did in life until that moment was somehow related with this decision of quitting. No matter what I was doing, I was secretly hoping that event or activity will substitute my hunger for smoking. And in that moment, I made another decision: I will NOT quit smoking. I decided that I want to enjoy life and to get rid of the quitting obsession.

And for the next six months I freely smoked. For the first time in my life I was really enjoying the smoking process. Are you somehow wondering why? The answer is very simple.

No one… but really no one was telling me that I MUST quit… not even myself.

In this period of time, I was smoking so hard that I think that even when I was sleeping, smoke from my lungs was coming out. And I felt free. I discovered that one of the greatest pleasures in life is to feel the freedom. For sure I enjoyed my decision a lot. To have in your life the absence of a MUST, this brings a true feeling of freedom.

And one day… while the sun was rising again and my eyes were just opening… I had another revelation. I asked myself from all my heart… “Why am I smoking in fact? Why am I still doing this when no one forbids it, not even I? For sure… this was not interesting anymore!”

And then I made another decision. I have better things to do than smoking.

And I stopped it.

Do you think that was hard to do? No way! In the moment when my subconscious mind realized that no one forbids anything anymore, my desire for doing it ceased.

And I am telling you… do you really want to quit smoking? Well… you can do it. Stop fighting with this desire. Cancel the quitting attitude and keep smoking. But do it hard until you arrive at that point where you realize that it’s not interesting anymore; because no one forbids you to do it; not even you.

Do you remember what I said in the beginning of this “How to” point? In case that you still didn’t get it, read again how the subconscious mind is playing with you.

Everything in life is simple… we are the only ones who are complicating it.


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