How To Relax When You Are Too Busy Making Money 

Part 2 – The Five Free Minutes

relax when you are too busyLast week we talked about How to relax when you are too busy and have only one free minute for yourself.

Chances are there are better days when you find even five free minutes from your busy schedule.

For these kinds of days, let’s see the…

5 Tips for a Five Minute Relaxation


  1. Give a call to a positive person whom you know that can uplift your spirit.
    • Maybe this is your wife, your parents, a friend or whatever person you know that can easily direct your thoughts to higher perceptions.
    • This will give you a great mood and will additionally attract great positivity in your day.
  2. Write down a plan for the next day.
    • Schedule, at least, one event that will bring you body, mind and soul satisfaction.
    • You do not need to elaborate too much on this.
    • Just pick out whatever your first thought is telling you.
    • The subconscious mind always knows best.
  3. Nowadays, everyone has a mobile phone. You have one, too.
    • Moreover, there are moments when a real addiction towards this gadget is developed.
    • If this is your case, try using the addiction to relax your mind and not to stress it further.
    • Why not search in your photo gallery and pick some nice ones? Why pick them? Of course, to make someone smile.
    • Send those photos to a few friends. No matter how busy they may also be, they will happily smile knowing that you thought about them.
    • This will bring your mind and heart a lot of satisfaction and it is a handy way to relax when you are too busy.
  4. If you have all that you need, prepare for yourself a green smoothie. If you don’t have, be sure to add this step to your tomorrow’s list. It will not only give you a boost of energy but it will also:
    • Provide you fresh nutrients – antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals which maybe you have never eaten them fresh and never thought of doing it.
    • Keep your body’s hydration at a normal level.
    • Will help you detoxify your organs.
    • Will feed you while the digestion will not give you any headaches.
  5. If while on a very busy day you need to travel by car, each time you arrive at your destination, pretend that you were blocked in traffic for five more minutes.
    • You got it. These are your five free minutes!
    • Simply relax in your car seat, close your eyes and meditate.
    • If you think that by doing so you’ll fall asleep, take your time to fix your alarm clock. I don’t want to imagine how upset you would be with this advice if… by chance, you fell asleep more than your busy schedule allows.

The above tips will give you reasons to enjoy your life. And… to relax even if you are too busy.

For the lucky ones who have more than five minutes… come back next week. You will not be disappointed.

If you think you’ll forget, you can at any time subscribe for updates. You will not need to remember because… the tips will land directly in your inbox.

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      • I always try to do two or three things at once. I paint and write my books simultaneously, or do the dishes while doing laundry and finishing yard work (planting flowers and working on the garden.) If I sit too long, I just fidget. I guess that’s why I write so many books because my mind just doesn’t relax.


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