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Your website/blog needs great content that converts. If you need more traffic, more engagement or more sales… this is up to you. My job is to help you succeed.

  • B2C
  • Coaching
  • Education
  • Self help
  • Travels
  • Web-based businesses


  • Well researched, evocative and conversion-focused content for your website, that empowers your business
  • Content that generates more sales by shining a spotlight on your buyer’s problems
  • Content that increases you leads by speaking directly to your customer’s desires
  • Content that reaches people on an emotional level through storytelling.
  • Prospects who will love, trust and commend what you have to offer

  • Non-Fiction

You have great ideas but don’t know how to write them? Your worries can end now. A ghostwriter makes your wish come true.

  • A better communication through writing that puts out your best ideas, as clearly and effectively as possible. Now, people can take advantage from your expertise.
  • Articles, books, etc.
  • The formatting issue is a separate talk

  • English-Romanian
  • Romanian-English
    • Books, articles, legal docs, etc.
  • I retain the rights to choose what I translate. No violent or defamatory content.
  • Send me your best sample and I will tell you if we match.

  • Books
    • Fiction
    • Non-fiction
  • Products
  • Services

Don’t contact me for erotic and horror genres, or violent and defamatory writing.

  • An honest and comprehensive review. Using it is up to you.
  • Be aware: if the review is 3 stars or bellow, you will also receive my opinion for fixing the “problems”.
  • If the review is 4 or 5 stars, I promote your product/service on my websites/social networks. FREE of charge. I am a firm believer that my readers/clients/friends deserve what is best!

WRITING SAMPLES (check my websites):

Writing samples - services

Do yourself a favor and CONTACT ME.

Chances are, that we are a good match.

This is a win-win long-term deal.


  • Do not lose your time and mine if you are looking for a cheap SEO content writer. Contact me only if my rates suit your needs. The value that my writing brings is higher than my quotes.


3 105 3
5 160 4
10 290 8
20 540 15
30 750 20
30+ Are you sure you need me for a project-based work? Let’s talk about a permanent part-time collaboration. You’ll be surprised 🙂

What do you get?

  • 400 words min. polished writing doc files
  • Correct Grammar storytelling
  • Captivating titles and headlines
  • Suitable public domain images to use
  • SEO settings, meta description, keywords density, focus keywords, copy scores fixed, subheadings, outbound links
  • Total copyrights on the articles the moment payment is made


  • Need help uploading articles to your website on a regular basis?
  • Need HTML formatting?
  • Need extra-long articles?
  • Need special terms?

Let’s talk!

For Ghostwriting, Translations and Reviews, I quote each client on a project based terms.
Ghostwriting, Translating, Reviews - Services

Do yourself a favor and CONTACT ME.

Chances are, we are a good match.

This is a win-win long-term deal.

Why choosing me?


  • You need a writing voice, and your website is your “business’ spokesperson” 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • You need a strategic thought, idea generating partner, who helps you by persuading your visitors to take action.
  • You want your readers to love your approach and feel taken care of.
  • You need my sharp attention to details that attracts your prospects.
  • You need to build trust, credibility and get people excited about what you have to offer.
  • You need time to manage your business, and you’ll save time while your website will continually work for you.

contact me - services

Do yourself a favor and CONTACT ME.

Chances are, we are a good match.

This is a win-win long-term deal.

Let me tell you about my background:

  • Researcher: try me… you will be surprised at how deep I can dig to highlight your expertise.
  • Writer fiction/non-fiction: Instead of approaching the symptoms of any subject, I love to dig deeper, down to the root level.
  • Content Writer:
    • Content is King, and it’s the path to your online business success. Hire me to build your client’s trust providing authoritative content. I cover a large area of interest due to my passion for studying.
    • If you need to increase the visibility of your growing site, then it’s a good idea to hire a content writer who understands Keyword research, citation sources, image usage rights, and can incorporate a call to action in natural language.
  • Ghostwriter: The gift of being an empathetic person helps me easily find a common base with anyone who needs to publish a book but doesn’t have the time or knowledge to write one. As a ghostwriter, I practically take the owner’s thoughts, style, and intention and transforms them into words that attract the reader of almost any domain of interest.
  • Reviewer: the ability to enter into any author’s mind, helps me fill any review with the exact intention that resides at the base of any book.
  • Spiritual traveler in time and space. Too many domains to mention here as my passion. Many times my writing was defined as “food for soul”.
  • Translator: English & Romanian languages
    • Many friends and readers know my preference for translating old spiritual books very well. However, I love to translate or review almost anything… except horror books. You can find many of my Romanian translations/video captions on Nevertheless, if you google my real name, you will see an “invasion” of my translations for different books, websites, and magazines starting from 2003 when I came online for the first time.
  • Project Manager: including European accreditation for structural funds
  • Engineer:
    • Mechanical degree specialized in welding technology.
    • Master in classical and nuclear heating systems. Dissertation: wind turbines and solar panels.
    • Evaluations for construction fields (both civil and industrial).
    • Owner of multiple diplomas for specializations in technical and management fields.

Do yourself a favor and CONTACT ME.

Chances are, we are a good match.

This is a win-win long-term deal.

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