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Obviously, if you are too busy to exercise, this means… you are really busy.

Thus, there are many things that you can’t afford to do. One of the activities that you probably skip on due to the lack of extra time is to take up a sport.

Nevertheless, what if you combine pleasure with usefulness and look at daily sex making as your way to getting fit?

I am not an advocate for casual sex but certainly, if you have a stable relationship, it would be great if you would start from this moment on to look at lovemaking as much more than you have.

But not being a sex instructor, I will avoid talking about techniques, positions and so on. There are plenty of materials on this theme out there.

Everybody knows that sex making increases the joy in our lives and maintains a healthy body.

Therefore, based on medical reports, let us see…

daily sex reasons



  1. There is no other physical movement that brings more pleasure than having sex. Furthermore, while performing this act, you’re burning up calories as well.
    • According to studies, having sex three times a week for 15 minutes helps you burn 7,500 calories in a year.
    • However, let me ask you… why would you not prolong the moments of joy? Why not be more playful and instead of playing only for 15 minutes, you prolong the game… for yourself and your partner’s pleasure?
  2. Sexual games successfully lower high blood pressure.
    • Having sex diminishes the diastolic pulse while normalizing your blood pressure.
    • Shouldn’t be amazing to replace your hypertension pills with the daily sex… game?
  3. The best medicine for headaches is sex.
    • Not only will the pleasure make you forgot about your pain but a regular sexual life maintains a bodily condition in which headaches are kept as far away as possible.
  4. While having sex, your body produces a substance called dopamine…
    • it decreases stress levels.
    • therefore… what about… instead of the measuring the daily stress, you’ll choose the daily sex “level”?
  5. At the same time, the level of endorphins is increased.
    • Just in case you didn’t know, endorphins are also known as the “joy hormone”.
  6. The pituitary gland is also busy while you’re having sex, and…
    • is producing a passion-improving hormone named oxytocin.
  7. Several neuro-psychologists announced another comfortable conclusion you need to know. According to their observations, if you have sex just three times each week, you will look ten years younger.
    • My only advice here is not to feel disappointed if you just started your sexual life and after the first week in which you indeed had sex three times, you don’t see any changes in your appearance. It seems that the effects of having sex are increasing with time, so you need to practice “a lot” to look younger.
  8. For those who suffer from insomnia, sex is the best method to get rid of it.
    • After a sexual act, the body is too relaxed to keep a good sleep away.
  9. It seems that there is a direct positive connection between having regular sex and having regular menstrual cycles.
    • Of course, the same result cannot be applied in the man’s case.
  10. Nevertheless, for men, we have good news also.
    • The prostate gland can have problems such as swelling if they don’t ejaculate.
    • The good news is that there will no longer be any problems if you do not stop ejaculating.
    • So… protect your prostate men, now you know how.
  11. If indeed your only reason for having a regular sexual life is to fill up the gym schedule, you will not be disappointed. During intercourse, you use your muscles, and…
    • this will help build up strong pelvic muscles, quads, upper back, and core.
  12. Further good news for men. After 40 years of age, about 50% of them start suffering from erectile dysfunctions; those who decide to have regular sexual activities will, in fact, benefit from the best medicine against impotence.
    • Yes, you got it… this medicine is called sex.
    • Of course, this news is not only good for men but in an indirect way (or very direct ) is also good for their women partners…
    • I didn’t check the studies to see if all these rules apply to other types of couples. However, I don’t see any reason why not.
  13. According to some researchers, having a sexual life builds a strong immunity system.
  14. Practicing the sexual act is not only a bodily pleasure giver but also a heart care method.
    • You’ll keep strokes away from you while your heart’s activity is improved.
  15. The last reason is, in fact, a result of all the above. Having an active sexual life provides you an exciting, healthy, happy and long life.
    • There is only one aspect that I’m still studying… if it is true that being a nun or a monk, one is also living a completely null sexual life… then what is this other activity that helps them prolong life more so than sex? This is a logical question because… there are lots of monks and nuns that reach a very high number of years of life.

try daily sexx

These are only 15 reasons for replacing the fitness gym with a good sexual act.

There are also many other ways and methods through which you can maintain a healthy and delightful life while the stress of your daily job seems to overcome you.

It only depends on you, how you choose to perceive and enjoy your life.

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