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Can you really boost music efficiency? Well… yes. Let’s see how.

Undoubtedly, listening to music decrease stress levels. But, you must know that each person has different tastes when it comes to music.

If your goal is to reduce your stress, then the best choice of music is to listen to whatever your heart dictates.

Let’s do an imaginary exercise.

Everyone knows that there is an entire industry built around therapy through relaxing music. Let’s suppose that you read a lot about it, everyone recommends it to you and one day you tell yourself, “OK.

That’s it.

I will apply this to my life, and my stress will go away.”

Well done. This is a great attitude towards your health and happiness.

However, imagine that you start playing the music and… it starts a rhythm that your ears define as awful. Not only your ears but also your whole being is horrified by the sounds you hear.

You start to wonder what is wrong with you.

How is it possible that the relaxing music that everyone has recommended and for which you’ve heard others rave about having such good results… that music gives you chills, and the chills are not even remotely related to any pleasure?

Well… do not worry. Nothing is wrong with you.

You are perfectly normal.

What people often seem to forget is that you can never make a general assumption that can be applied to everyone. There are so many factors that influence your heart and mind’s reactions. With music and relaxation, it is the same situation.

Imagine that you were born in Asia and by tradition, you used to listen to a certain style of music. There were many rhythms to choose from and some of them were relaxing. Nevertheless, life is life and at some point, you had to move far away, to another country, on another continent, where you find totally, completely, and entirely different rules and traditions.

Music is not an exception.

You suddenly have to learn about new rhythms. People around you seem to like it, you try hard, and finally, you begin to start liking it.

Hence… when your goal is to reduce your stress level, this music that your ears have accepted, will never, never relax any cell inside your body.

Moreover, not only will you not relax, but you will begin to fret also.

Therefore, the best advice that you will ever hear regarding relaxation is to… always… and when I say “always”, I mean it… always listen to your heart.

Because you’ll boost music efficiency.

If you want to decrease your stress level through music, no matter what expensive therapy you choose, listen to the music that your heart tells you it’s relaxing.

Since only your heart knows what type of music will bring you peace inside.


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7 Tips to Boost Music Efficiency


1 – First of all, to diminish stress, try to make a 20 minute “sound bath”. Choose what your heart tells you it’s relaxing music, sit in a comfortable armchair or even lay down on the floor. If you want to channel your attention and not be distracted by your environment, use a headset.

2 – Choose a slow music, slower than your heart’s beat rhythm. The music that has a repetitive or cyclic pattern is very good for most people.

3 – While music is playing, imagine how the sound is flowing over your body and washes the stress accumulated that day. Focus on your breath, inhale and exhale deeply, slowly and regulated. This is definitely a great way to boost music efficiency.

4 – Focus on the silence between the musical notes. Doing this, you will stop analyzing the music and the relaxation will be even deeper.

5 – If the stress level, before you start the musical bath, is very high, choose a familiar music. The best is the music that you enjoyed when you were a child. This will calm you very much, sending your mind back in the childhood time.

6 – After a while start inhaling and exhaling keeping the music’s rhythm. Allow the music to take control over you.

7 – Most people react very well while listening to nature’s sounds. Sounds of the ocean waves, the air, the calm of a forest, all these will relax you.

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Finally, let’s see what Lord Byron once said.

“There’s music in the sighing of a reed;
There’s music in the gushing of a rill;
There’s music in all things, if men had ears:
Their earth is but an echo of the spheres.”
~ Lord Byron


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