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Negative Thoughts, get rid of them!


Imagine… it is morning.

You wake up already tired.

You did not sleep too well; your back and neck are in pain.

Your first thought is “Well, it seems that it will be one of those… bad days”.

It is the first thought from a chain of negative thoughts.

You get out from your bed and discover that the clothes that you intended to wear that day are dirty.

Your next thought is “What else can go wrong today?”

Indeed, you are already preparing to face what you refer to as a “bad day”.

And, yes.

The “nightmare” begins.

Nothing goes well.

You have a minor car accident while going to the office.

Obviously, you arrive late to work.

You spill the coffee on your desk, and of course, it soaks into some important documents.

It seems, that day, things are getting worse by the minute.

Naturally, your thoughts are pessimistic and become even more so.

Until you understand what has happened, at the end of the day you feel exhausted, maybe even ill and all that you want to do is get back home, to lay down in your bed and sleep for three days continuously.

But… what you didn’t know is that at any time during this day that started so badly, you could have decided to stop your negative thoughts. And in doing so, your day would have a positive turnout.

How can we be sure of this?

We can’t prove it, but it is already proven that whenever you are caught in the web of negative thoughts, you are no longer able to sense the opportunities for improving your day.

Whenever you use your energy to think negatively, you won’t have any remaining energy to focus on your daily activities in a proper way.

Moreover, that’s not all.

Not only will your focus be damaged but also your health and your mood. When these two are affected by negative thoughts, your relationships, both personal and professional, are also ruined.

You suddenly find yourself into a vicious circle. You should rather prefer the virtuous circle.

And what’s worst… it is all your doing.

There are many health institutes that already apply therapy through positive thinking for so-called incurable illnesses.

There have also been many great gurus throughout history who have pleaded for the benefits of positive thinking and showed us how to improve our lives through the practice.

There are thousandths of books already on the market that teach how to influence and use the effects of positive thinking.



stop your negative thoughts


How can you do it?

Well you can start with:

  1. When talking to yourself, praise what is good in you. Don’t criticize your body, your habits, your all.
  2. When thinking about others, try to see their good deeds. Even if you think they made a mistake, try to first put yourself in their shoes. This will help you understand their reactions better.
  3. When something goes wrong in your life, visualize a happy ending. The power of visualization is tremendous.
  4. When you have some free time, meditate. It’s not necessary to take a lotus position or do incantations. It’s enough to relax your body and to close your eyes for a few moments. Meditation is a natural process to slow down the stress instilled inside your body.
  5. When you feel tired, take a break. Really!
  6. When you feel stressed, do whatever you like most. Let your passions take control. This will reinforce your powers and you will start to think positively.
  7. When you feel that something is overwhelming try practicing music therapy, aromatherapy and any kind of alternative therapy that your soul prefers.

Alternatively, if nothing above works, come back to our website often. 🙂

It’s all about Zen on the Go.


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