One Question for GOD


Hi God!

It’s me here.

Lately, I was thinking a lot about you.

I was wondering about You and my life up to now.

Beyond any doubt, I enjoyed the ride!

You gifted me with so many emotions for which I am so grateful!

For each tear, you gave me a smile.

For each struggle you gave me joy.

For each Abyss I touched, you gave me a Heaven to fly to.

For sure, you are One of a kind!

Thank You for being in my life!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


dear God…

dear One of a kind…

dear Creator of all that was created…

I am wondering…


Do you think I will feel bored if,

from now on I will skip the Abyss

and only be happy in the Here and Now?

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  1. Interesting question, M.C. What do you mean by the word Abyss? Is it a blackness beyond description or a horrible tragedy? Without difficulty, we might not be bored but we’d become complacent. Without stretching our faith, we’d become apathetic. God uses hard times to draw us closer to Him and that’s where joy truly lives.

    • I define the Abyss as the perception of the light’s absence. This perception can radically differ from person to person. I totally agree with your comment. Thank you, Sherry 🙂


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