Do We Want Happiness?
Do We Want Happiness?

I thought I would write about Happiness.

Why Happiness you may ask, and what exactly will I say about it?

Why write about Happiness? Well… only, because I believe we came on this planet to be happy. Somehow, we forgot how to be in this state. I don’t know when and who made us forget how to find happiness around us.

Everyone chases after happiness, but I am wondering how many of us want to find and keep it for real? There are moments when I feel that we pretend we want something, but we enjoy exactly the opposite.

Haven’t you found yourself in this situation until now? No?

I ask you to think about it. Think deeper. Go there inside you and ask yourself… did you really accept happiness in your life? Or… at the moment when happiness found you, did a sudden fear of change came over you, making you run away?

Today I will ask only a few questions. The theme is too vast to ask everything in one post and to try to find the answers that we are all seeking.

Why exactly am I writing about happiness? Why wouldn’t I? And why wouldn’t you? Yes, you, my readers. You can also write.

Finding happiness became the journey of our lives, but in the middle of the road we are still asking ourselves, “what is the meaning of my life?”

Will I finally be happy discovering this meaning? I’m referring to that happiness that no one can destroy anytime, anywhere, or anyhow… and whatever “any” thing else you want to add here. Or… is it somehow necessary that before finding the meaning of one’s life you first need to discover what happiness is?

Am I making myself comprehensible? Yes… I know… deep subject.

We came on this planet, in this modern era in which we have everything but still we feel miserable. Well… maybe not exactly miserable and perhaps not all people feel this but… tell me without equivocation, have you found Happiness?

From the depth of my heart, I would love to know… how you found it.

Moreover, what does happiness mean to you?

Did you find happiness and did it remain there for you?

If yes, how did you do it?

If no, what do we lack to receive it?

Lev Tolstoy said, “If you want to be happy, be!”

It seems that it depends only on us.

Perhaps Tolstoy discovered the secret of happiness. However, was he happy? Were his characters happy?

Speaking about writers and books… a sudden thought came into my mind now… I am trying to imagine myself reading a book in which everyone is happy. I am wondering what my reaction would be?

Can you imagine this? Let us say that the book’s title is “The Happy Family”.

Chapter 1: The family is happy

Chapter 2: The family is even happier

Chapter 3: Each member of the family finds that with each day that passes they are even happier than the other members of the family.

Wow… I am wondering… will this book ever attract me? Sounds boring, so boring… I am sure I would never read it a second time.

Oh… wait… I just realized… in fact this is a tragedy!

Yes… because… the final chapter must finish like this: And they lived happily ever after.

Here is the real tragedy, can you see it? After so much happiness, the ever after part will reach a point when one of the family members will have to leave. Why? Because we are humans and humans are coming and going, playing around then one-day end up leaving.

When that day will come for the happy family, described in this book, what will the others do?

Will they still be happy?

Will this kind of book make you happy?

What is happiness then? Can we find happiness and keep it?

Can we be happy or not?

“To be or not to be”, this is the question Shakespeare asked a long time ago through Hamlet’s voice.

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