Tuesday, January 21, 2020
man and his friend

Heaven and Hell… Again!

A short story, written in my native language, came my way today. I don’t usually translate stories for my website, but this one touched...
"Nirvana" by Mario Sanchez Nevado


Today I am wondering about entropy. A long time ago I learned in school that entropy is the degree of disorder or uncertainty in a...
How Would The World Be If Stress Did Not Exist?

How Would The World Be If Stress Did Not Exist?

  We’ve had such a busy period at my job lately! Suddenly, lots and lots of urgent strategic projects had to be completed, and the...
When sleeping women wake, mountains move

When Sleeping Women Wake, Mountains Move

  Such an annoying noise is suddenly dinging in my head. My night is over; the clock's alarm announces me it's time to wake up. My...
I am Grateful to YOU!

I am Grateful to YOU!

There are moments in life when your soul almost yells, praising the One who created everything. There are moments of deep intensity, in which...
Like Above, so bellow


Right after I closed my office door, I happily jumped and whispered with a smile on my face, "Yesss! The weekend has finally started!" Two...
Help Your Soul

Soul Help

How can you help your soul? Your soul doesn’t need to receive help. It needs to be revealed. ~ M.C. Simon
Strong women only intimidate weak men

MEN ON EARTH! One FREE Clue For You!

"Strong women only intimidate weak men." I read this some time ago. Today this saying came to mind again, while looking in a retrospective way...
What is our World?

Our World’s Body

MY 500 WORDS DAY 22 By Wonder Woman Again my muse had something else to do instead of being here with her Mistress; she had a moment of...
Child of God


  A huge happiness has embraced my heart today. A happiness which made me feel that suddenly, the Heavens just landed on earth. My whole...

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