There are moments in life that leave an imprint on our hearts and minds.

You have this kind of moments, for sure. It takes only a nanosecond to recall them to almost the same intensity as when they occurred.

I have this kind of moments, too. Having lived on this planet for a half of century already, you can imagine that I have many of them.

And one of my favorites is the moment when I decided to change my life, moving into a new house.

I was 23; a 23-year-old woman who was already facing a divorce.

Well, I am that type of person who always sees the brighter side of life. But, no matter how optimistic you are, a divorce will always be an unpleasant moment.

You remain with fears, uncertainties, and desires for a new beginning.

In the middle of an ocean of doubts, I decided to change the house I was living in.

I did it, and I never regretted making that decision.

That day, after having lots of adventures moving the furniture, after everyone who helped me had left… I finally remained alone.

Alone in my new home.

Suddenly a deep silence covered all that I could see and perceive around me.

It was already night time.

I was sitting in a chair in the middle of the living room. My eyes were not sure yet if to stare at the incredible mess made by all the packaging around me, or to fix the walls of my new house.

At one moment, it was evident that the house managed to grab my entire attention.

I timidly looked around when… without any rational reason, the electrical light died.

For a few seconds, I just stood there. It was like an invisible force had paralyzed my body.

A scary feeling was trying to touch me. Well, I am not sure if scary is the best word to choose.

For some reason, I felt as though in front of my eyes was an open door, and I didn’t have enough courage to step through it.


My heart started to beat faster.

And faster.

My mind started to work intensely.

I was trying to understand my feelings.

My worries.

Maybe the moon was sending a strange reflection on my new home’s walls.

Or maybe the silent night was influencing my mood.

Or maybe even the changes that happened in my life were affecting me.

But… I didn’t have too much time to dig inside my worries.

The light came back as suddenly as it disappeared before.

My new home was there, right before my eyes.

And I knew… It was mine.

To touch.

To care about.

To love.

In a blink of an eye, I knew that I loved my new house.

I loved the walls, I loved the floor, I loved the ceiling, I loved everything that my eyes could embrace.

And above all the material things I could see… I loved the warm energy that the new home was radiating, targeting my soul.

The next moment I remember that I smiled. And my body lied down on a blanket, directly on the floor.

A deep sleep embraced me.

The sun’s rays woke me up the next morning.

The house’s warmth was still there.

For me only.

The happiness crossed my heart.



It’s been a long time since I changed houses again, but that one remained in my heart and will always be there.

Because it was not only a house but a home for me.

A new home that opened a hidden gate.

A new home… a gate that allowed me to experience the freedom to believe in myself.


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