Talking about Death: Why do People Fear Death?
(A Tribute to Margaret McElroy)

Why do people fear death?
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A woman I respect has left this planet.

Margaret McElroy.

The news reached me yesterday, July 29th.

For several years, I used to translate her channelings in the Romanian language. Even if, about eight-nine years ago I stopped, in fact, I never took my eyes away from her activity. She channeled a very high spirit master whom I resonate with; Maitreya.

After arriving on this planet, the first death that I witnessed was my maternal grandmother’s. The second and last one was my father’s.

These two moments made me question life and death.

It’s not my intent to talk now about the afterlife.

For now, I only want to talk about the fear of passing behind the veil. My father feared it. My grandma did not.

So many people have a fear of dying and of death itself.

I bet it wasn’t so in Margaret’s case. She always said that it is nothing to worry about.

We are usually afraid of the unknown.

But we can start looking into the next world, exploring it, NOW.

Is there life after death?

Is there life before what we call life?

For these questions, I have already reached my proven “yes” answers.

What I am still digging into is only one thing… understanding life itself. “What is the meaning of life?” is the question I still haven’t found my final answer to.

I know I will… someday.

I know you will too.

the other half
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Do you have any idea why do people fear death?

Many possible reasons can come into mind now.


The answer that I found is somehow different than being afraid of the unknown.

In fact, from my point of view, there is nothing Unknown out there. Not at least one tiny spark of knowledge. We already know all. We only forgot a part of it.

But… there is one thing why people are in fact afraid of.

Do you know why do people fear death?

Because they will become forgotten.

If not now, starting with the next generation for sure.

What about me?

Even if I disappear from the world I existed in; the world remains the same, and I alone would be forgotten.

Well… this didn’t scare me at all. Even though I will one day leave this world, in which I now live and go somewhere else, and even if nobody will remember me, I don’t care.

I know that I will take the feelings with me. It is my eternal treasure! For me, it is enough.

But now… I think I am a little afraid.

Meanwhile, there appeared a person whom I would not want to forget me.

My husband. He is the person whom I do not want to lose.

What if the next moment is my time to leave this planet?

Will I be losing him if I go far away?

I know. There is an attachment here.

The attachment causes the fear. The fear is imaginary; the attachment should be removed. TWEET THIS

That person is my other half’s incarnation. What is there to lose? He is present in my existence from the beginning of time and up to its end.

For now, I must stay here, “It’s not my time to go yet”.

But, it was Margaret’s time. I am sure that Allan, her husband, will continue their work here.

And I will continue being in touch with her and Maitreya’s energy. It is not so hard to do it if you are gifted. But it is not easy to bear it. Not easy at all.

Margaret McElroy is not here anymore. A few months before leaving this planet she recorded a talk about… “Being a medium.”

So… why do you fear death?

Do you fear it indeed?

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  1. Because the truth always scares us, that’s why. Or…because we do not understand that death it is not the end. After death comes another life, the real life of the true soul that does not need a body to live in peace.

    • What a beautiful way of saying it! “the thing that comes after some other things have been done.”
      Thank you, Bibi!


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