A short story about the 7 Chakras

7 chakras
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Everyone knows that after half a century spent on this planet, you are bound to learn and experience a lot. I belong to that category of people and two days ago I still thought that I felt and knew almost all. Well… it seems this was not true.

It seems that indeed we never stop to learn in this life.

The day when I decided to become a vegetarian was a real crossroad for me. That day… was, in fact, a night.

But, let’s start from the beginning.

I am the kind of person who always cries when watching a video in which animals are treated like beasts, for the only purpose of landing on people’s plates and bellies. I am that kind of a person, but… it never crossed my mind to stop eating animals. Why? First… because I really believe that… plants are also beings, and if I admit that the animal suffers before being killed, a plant must also have the same feeling. I repeat… I never felt guilty for eating meat. If my theory is correct that plants also feel pain when they are killed, my logic says that animals are killers also. Therefore, during the first half a century spent on this planet, I decided to eat whatever my body asked for at particular moments in time.

It was a beautiful evening three days ago. No cloud could be seen on that amazingly almost dark sky. In that winter evening, a soft spring breeze was embracing all of nature. All living beings were preparing to sleep. As for me… I was expecting my daughter to arrive home from her part-time job that she was working while still attending her last year of high school.

At one moment, I felt an urge to eat. It was a really surprising feeling for me because my body never asks for food after 6 pm. But the hunger that hit me suddenly was too deep to grasp.

Hoping that my daughter did not yet leave the shopping area on her path home, my hand grabbed the mobile phone and when she answered, I suddenly heard my voice asking her to bring me a chicken salad. Yes, chicken salad was what my body was asking for at that moment and for sure my fridge was not equipped with this kind of a salad on that beautiful evening when no cloud could be seen on that amazingly almost dark sky.

chicken salad
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Soon… very soon… the chicken salad landed on my plate. Like a hungry pack of wolves, my hands and mouth worked together in an almost rock-and-roll rhythm. The beat of my teeth could win the hardest drums competition; my stomach was anchoring the harmonic framework and establishing the beat like the best bass guitar; my tongue was accompanied by my brain in a high-speed six string guitar’s solo performance.

Viewed from an external point of view, the scene was probably similar to the rush of hundreds of people evacuating a building after receiving the announcement that it will be demolished in less them five minutes. However, for me… that moment could be defined as bliss. In only a few seconds, the gorgeous, tasteful salad started to find its place in my stomach.

The orchestra born inside my body was still performing in front of an unknown audience when… suddenly… a weird sensation embraced my whole being. While I continued to chew, my rational mind started to wonder, “What the heck that feeling was.” In half a century spent on this planet, I never… never… never felt it like this before.

Not being able to describe it, I will only say that perhaps, the ancestors of the chickens that landed inside my stomach… had decided to transfer the fear felt by all their offspring inside my chakras. You heard it well. All the seven known chakras were suddenly blocked by an uncontrollable tremendous sensation.

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An enormous fear embraced my Muladhara, and at that moment, I didn’t know how to handle and eliminate it.

Svadhisthana was hit by guilt. It was as though the entire guilt implanted into humanity suddenly crossing my second chakra. Usually, the solution to unblocking it is to face your problems and consciously solve them. Believe me… on that evening, I was far from being able to do it.

Manipura immersed itself in a deep shame. It is known that to unblock it, you must look reality directly in its eyes, to analyze and clarify the situation. Do you somehow think I did this? No way… my rational mind was paralyzed.

A devastating emotional state touched my Anahata, and the result was a profound sensation of pain. My soul was suddenly painful. In theory, to unblock this energetic center, you need to possess a strong will and power to face the situation to discover the reason that produced it. Usually, it greatly helps to see things from others perspective. But… I didn’t possess that power and for sure it seemed to me that seeing things from the chicken’s perspective, was the exact reason for blocking my fourth chakra.

The fear and silent anger struck Vishuddha. Practitioners say that you need to be sincere with yourself and others to succeed in unblocking this chakra. But… believe me… I was feeling like a chicken in those moments… how could a chicken be even more sincere to unblock my fifth chakra?

Ajna, the chakra that has the power to create our reality on the physical, mental and emotional levels, was shaken by the illusion of that huge fear. The easiest way to unblock it is not to put yourself over your neighbor. The equivalent of “love your neighbor as thyself”. Until that day, I thought that I surely loved my neighbors but… I suddenly started to wonder if somehow… the devoured chicken no longer on my plate, was my neighbor also.

And finally, the ultimate blockage that occurred while the last piece of salad ditched my stomach, had touched Sahasrara. The total silence and peace that was living inside my center vanished in a fraction of a second. They say that to unblock it, you must get rid of your earthen anchor and to learn to set everything free.

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All the above happened instantly. It was like a thunderbolt strike. Maybe you can anticipate the thunder’s sound, but for sure you don’t have time to think too much when the thunderbolt strikes. Yet… at the same time, I had the feeling that I was watching a slow motion movie. And while watching this movie, my blood pressure went crazy. While shivers covered my body, a massive headache attached itself to my head. And, while my entire human being was embraced by the weird and sudden panic attack episode… the cogwheels of my brain started to work instantly, analyzing, trying to solve the mystery, in a total attempt to get rid of all the above blockages.

And… my first decision was to unblock the seventh chakra, so the chicken was instantly set free, out from my fearful and angry body. What was next, can’t be categorized as romance, funny or spiritual behavior. It was a mess. It was a huge mess, and it lasted all night long. I thought I would die. I thought those would be my last moments spent on this Blue Planet, the third planet from the Sun. Throughout all of those hard times, I suddenly promised my soul that… if I will come out alive from those sensations, which affected all my levels of perception… I will never eat meat again in this life.

A promise is a promise and can never be broken.

If you imagine that I survived, you are right; I am still on this planet and writing for you this sort of reportage. Can it be classified again as a Reportage from Hell? Maybe yes, maybe not. All that I know at this moment is that the supposed pain those chickens felt, almost killed me. Today is my third day of my vegetarian life.

I feel great! I feel free! Also, I feel happy because my blood is type B and I could finally prove that “if you want to kill a type B person, serve her chicken with the meal.” If you don’t believe me… read the theory about the blood type diet. And if you are type B also… try eating more and more chickens.

Even if the diet that became popular after the publication of the book “Eat Right for Your Type”, written by naturopath Dr. Peter D’Adamo, was debunked by Canadian researchers who pretended that people’s nutritional needs don’t vary by blood type, I am still happy that I could prove at least something about the type B diet.

Now I am wondering… what will I do on the day when I will feel the plants’ pain? Will I be able to feed myself with Light only? Nevertheless… what if the Light feels pain also?

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  1. Great article. Welcome to the world of vegetarianism!! I have been one for most of my life. There is no way I would ever eat meat, chicken, or fish. My motto is that I will not eat anything that “had a face” or “had a mama.” If you are indeed going to pursue this way of life and wish to remain true to it, watch out for all of the hidden meat/chicken products in regular foods. A lot of them will totally surprise you.

    • Thanks for your advice Lynn! I didn’t know about hidden meat in regular foods. Until now, I ate fruits and salads only and I am feeling great! I really appreciate your comment.

  2. For whatever reason(s) you became a vegetarian, there will be many animals every year that won’t die because of you! (Also, our planet will be that little bit better off for ‘needing’ to farm those animals 🙂 )
    Well done!
    My daughter has an excellent Twitter / FB presence as ‘Animal Penpals’ ( @animalpenpals ) if you want to continue your journey…

  3. Very cool. I am a good communicator, and from my experience I know that planta offer themselves to be food for you, if they like you. Cut the tips of grass on the field, and it won’t die, but grow stronger. Fruit is given, with the hope that some seed will end up growing as a plant. On the other hand, if you cut the heads of chickens on a field, and they will all die… With great sadness.:(


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