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Surprisingly, recently I caught a cold. It happened suddenly and made me wonder how to be Zen again. Simple as that.

While I was walking on the street, a deep sneezing episode started. It lasted for more than 10 minutes. Do you somehow think that ten minutes is a short time when it comes to sneezing?


Try to sneeze while keeping an eye on your watch for 10 minutes. Believe me; this will drain all your energy.

It did mine. Moreover, I had a stuffy nose after the sneeze stopped. It drained my energy even more.

Wondering what’s the point of this article?

Listen, because we’re just getting started.

After being struck by the sudden powerful cold, after succeeding to survive the next few hours, finally, the time to sleep came. I happily jumped in my bed, intending to relax deeply. I was definitely planning a healing meditating session and for this, I found a nice guided meditation online.

So easy, isn’t it?

Well… it wasn’t! The guy who was the guide started his healing session as any meditating instructor would start.

Words like, “deeply relax your body”, relax your shoulders, arms, legs and all the rest of your body organs, “breathe calmly”… was embracing my ears.


Did the guy say “breathe calmly”? Yes, he did.

Did I follow his advice? No, I didn’t!

How the heck can I breathe comfortably with the purpose of relaxing and meditating, when I can’t use my nostrils to breath because I just caught a cold?

Hell no!

My calmness was gone when I realized that no matter what I was trying to do, I was not succeeding at relaxing.

How to relax, meditate and meanwhile heal your body, when you are forced to breathe using only your mouth and neck?

And… what was I supposed to do to succeed at sleeping? I had to admit that I panicked, especially knowing that the next day I was meant to go to work and… most likely I would have a sleepless night!

What would you do in a similar situation?

Look at what I’ve done.

I decided to be ZEN.

Yes! Being Zen doesn’t mean to meditate or to enter into a drug altering session state. Being ZEN means to keep your peace especially when stressful situations embrace you.

What is your method in such cases? How do you handle maintaining a relaxed mood when you definitely can’t breathe normally?

Here’s what I did.

12 Tips on How to Be ZEN
while reaching a Low Point in Your Life

how to be zen
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  1. Choose to be alone. Don’t think you will be Zen while lovely helpers are gravitating around you. Being Zen doesn’t need socializing. Be sincere to yourself and choose to spend some quality time with Yourself.

  2. Start reflecting, even if you are forced to breathe using only your mouth. 🙂

  3. Start experiencing your emotions, feelings towards that particular low point in your life.

  4. Don’t suppress or dishonor the feelings which you have in those moments.

  5. The main reason for reaching the suffering state is the attachment or cravings for something. Try understanding what type of attachment makes you feel that way? Wondering what attachment made me suffer the lack of power of using my nostrils to breathe? Would it be the fact that I was attached to my nose to breathe calmly? Well, whether I found my answer or not, doesn’t matter now. What’s more important is for You to be sincere with yourself and to listen to your heart. By doing it, you will definitely be able to switch moods.

  6. Try to understand how much you care. Care about the stressful situation you have to deal with.

  7. When you feel content with what you have revealed by trying to understand how much you care, change the focus of your interest. Decide if there are other aspects which you care about more. For example, after I understood how much I care about using my nose and what great effects this has on my health on a long term, wouldn’t it be helpful to know that I care even more about this planet or about a family member, or about whatever I care more?

  8. The next step is to ask yourself, “Do I care enough? Should I care more?”

  9. Further ask yourself, “Do I really care, or what I think is the subject of my care is, in fact, an attachment? If yes, am I the slave of this attachment?”

  10. Imagine how it would be not to care so much; not to be attached so much. Imagine the freedom of not being the slave of your attachment, desire, craving, fear and so on.

  11. Move your focus on caring about this planet, about this world. Feel what means to carry without being frustrated because you care about all these things. Feel how it is to be in touch with your deepest emotions, while you are not firmly attached to them.

  12. Now come back to the low point that you reached in your life. Is it so important that you let yourself be enslaved by it? Coming back to my initial story, at this point, I went back to my “inability to breathe out of my nose” problem. Surprisingly… it was not a problem any longer.

how to be zen
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As soon as I moved my focus to the entire contemplating process mentioned above, my nose stopped to fight against my desire to control it. Therefore, it set me free. As soon as I stopped noticing the rules that were implemented inside my rational mind, I was set free. These rules were telling me that to meditate and contemplate I needed first to relax my body while I am deeply and correctly breathing.

Conclusion: Being ZEN makes you break the Rules! TWEET THIS

So, stop your mental rules and allow yourself to be Zen.

Well, after I succeeded to understand that I was, in fact, the slave of my attachment towards my nose breathing…

I finally felt free. My eyes closed and a deep sleep embraced my entire being. The next day the cold was gone. It was, in fact, an intense, short episode of having the flu. For the first time in my life, I could escape from the rule which I could never escape from until that moment.

This rule says that when you have a cold, you can heal yourself in seven days if you take the proper medicine, and in one week if you naturally let your body heal itself, without any pills.

For the first time in my life, not only did I understand but was also able to experience completely, that being ZEN can also unexpectedly heal you.

Moreover, it was so fun and exciting to know that I broke the unwritten law.

In the end… isn’t life more interesting when we break some rules?

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  2. This made me giggle even though there is a serious side to it….as I would say to my students if you can’t breathe thru your nose then in and out thru the mouth just keep a large glass of water next to you when dry mouth occurs….and all will be well. Dx


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