Child of God
Child of God

A huge happiness has embraced my heart today. A happiness which made me feel that suddenly, the Heavens just landed on earth. My whole human being reacted; my body was almost jumping with so much happiness and joy. Tears transformed my eyes into shinny crystal windows connected to my heart. It was obvious to anyone who could see me, what a deep feeling was developing inside my soul.

The eyes of the one, who gave me such a gift, deeply looked into my soul where a sensual voice whispered, “You are happy like a child!

“I know, I know, I am overreacting but… I am so happy! What can I do?” my whole being was trying to calm my heart beats, but for some unknown reason, it seemed that nothing could bring me back down to an earthly level.

And… and, while I was still floating like a fairy inside a magical world, my brain was hit by a question.

What is Happiness?” I’m now wondering.

Again, the cogwheels inside my brain started rotating faster and faster, until thoughts traveling at almost light-speed was reached.

Happiness… is defined as the state of being happy.

The state of being happy… is defined as the state of feeling pleasure and enjoyment because of your life or, of a specific situation, etc, etc.

Yes, I felt pleasure and enjoyment, but it was more than this; much, much more than only a pleasant and enjoyable feeling. My heart was crossed by a total happiness for which the human being invented the word “bliss”. For sure, I can truly say, that my soul was feeling a heavenly bliss; a feeling born in the skies.

Oh… I just said it: a feeling born in the skies. How many skies are there and how many do we perceive? How can we feel them and whom do we ask to feel them? Maybe we will wonder about it at another time.

But, in this moment I am wondering if it’s possible to feel such a heavenly bliss only through receiving a human gift. Moreover, I am not even sure if it was a human gift that I received. It seemed that yes, it was… because the hands, the voice, the eyes which gave me the gift belong to a human being.

However, the heart of this human belongs to a soul that has roots in those skies, where my happiness was born. The heart of this soul brought to me something which no human body can grab to bring. This heart gave me a gift straight from the gods.

Then… what do we need as humans to be able to feel something born in the skies? Does this depend on the receiver only? Does this depend on the giver only? Or does it depend on their connection?

“Wait… wait… there is something that I didn’t pay attention to. Can’t an adult be this happy also?” millions of hidden bells were ringing, waking up my rational side.

Is it that only a child is meant to be really happy? Or can an adult’s heart feel the same happiness?

Adults are also children of God. What has an adult forgotten which must be remembered, to be happy as a child?

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