To use the ancient technique of Feng Shui, we first need to know what it’s about. I will presume that you already know what Feng Shui is, and at the same time you already possess some knowledge of it. I will further assume that you are in a situation in which you don’t know how to start on your own, or whether or not you should be assisted by an expert.

In the following chapters this subject will be developed in such a way that you will do it yourself. And you will see the differences in your life, soon.

After you find the necessarily details, all you need to do is reach a clear intent. This is essential when you Feng Shui your home because you can never get what you are longing for if you don’t know your destination.

To avoid slow, temporary or incomplete changes, before doing any adjustments to your writing environment, you have to follow some easy steps:

  1. – First, you must open your heart and mind. You have to understand that everything is touched by energy; in fact, everything is energy itself. All that is energy is alive no matter if it belongs to the material world or to the spiritual one. Finally, there is only one world called the World of Infinity and only our belief that there exist multiple worlds makes us individually perceive the layers of the One. In the moment when we understand that in fact WE are divine creators and that everything is energy, we will start our conscious travel in this life. A travel that is supposed to be fun and to give us the happiness of being part of this whole process called experiencing life in a human body. So, open your mind and have fun.

  2. – Clarify the intention for wanting to apply the Feng Shui techniques. Defining your purpose, motivation and intention, you will rapidly notice the results. Only by doing this will you start to make changes and apply this ancient art; only after first clarifying these aspects, will things begin to manifest almost instantly. Of course, you can choose to first apply the technique and only after much time start to fully understand what your intention is. However, I am coming now to ask you, “Why should you choose to do this and prolong the period of manifestation”?

  3. – When you start to make the changes, do them slowly; one by one to give you time to observe the effects of your actions. Keep alive your intention and continue to apply what you have learned.


This was an excerpt from the book “FENG SHUI FOR WRITERS“, which will be available June 16th, 2015. Inside, you will find many more details about this ancient art, and most of all you will discover how you can play with the energy that is around you, making your life as a writer easier.

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