Thursday, August 11, 2022
Art by: Norvz Austria

A Serial Procrastinator

I am a serial procrastinator. And I enjoy it a lot! It makes my life so interesting when the adrenaline invades my veins, knowing that...
Are we alone?

How To… Run Away From Home

How to... Run away from home   Have you ever taken a leap in time? I do this quite frequently, so let me take one now... *** I’m...
Call Your Soul

Call Your Soul!

"Have you ever merged with someone and felt something weird? Weird like you don't want to stop doing it. It was scary for both......
Do We Want Happiness?


I thought I would write about Happiness. Why Happiness you may ask, and what exactly will I say about it? Why write about Happiness? Well... only,...
Existence and Nonexistence

Existence and Nonexistence

Everything is based on contrast. You can read these lines only because there is enough contrast between the letters and the background. Black and white are...
Why Play With Energy?

Why Play With Energy?

WHY PLAY WITH ENERGY? Because energy is all around us Because energy is inside us Because energy is FREE and it can't wait for...
Seven words make a story

The Writer in Me

The Writer in me had just ran away. I looked for her everywhere. Surprisingly... she is smarter than I and definitely found a secret...
"Nirvana" by Mario Sanchez Nevado


Today I am wondering about entropy. A long time ago I learned in school that entropy is the degree of disorder or uncertainty in a...
What is the unknown?

Levels Of The Unknown

Someone asked today what do we know about the Unknown. My first reaction could not be blocked, and the immediate reply was… "Define Unknown"....
Help Your Soul

Soul Help

How can you help your soul? Your soul doesn’t need to receive help. It needs to be revealed. ~ M.C. Simon

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