Seven words make a story
Seven words make a story

The Writer in me had just ran away. I looked for her everywhere. Surprisingly… she is smarter than I and definitely found a secret place to hide. She is nowhere.

I am wondering now… what should I do. She is gone, I am here and… my important writing project has a deadline… a very close deadline.

My brain tries hard to grasp the disappearance of the writer. Trying to find a solution, looking in all hidden corners long time not seen… suddenly it finds a hook. The brain was about to walk right by and miss it, but here it is… covered with dust… it is a quote Walt Disney once said: “seven words make a story”.

And, I am wondering now… how can this be possible? How can seven words make my story?

A voice inside whispers: “Yes, they can; seven words today, seven words tomorrow and again seven words the day after tomorrow. Trust me. Try it!”

“Of course… I will try. I don’t have anything to lose. Let me start.”

[The writer in me just ran away… ]

And so… once more… my brain proved it was right. The short story has in this moment one hundred and ninety one words; exactly one hundred and eighty four words more than the first seven which, Disney was talking about.

Definitely, I have to post the quote on my desk to always glance at it when I need it:

When YOU have an important project and a deadline, and you are tempted to stop in the middle of the path… DON’T STOP! Keep Going On, no matter what! Stop when the deadline is reached!

Because one day Walt Disney wisely said: “Seven words make a story”.

~ M.C. Simon

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