Call Your Soul
Call Your Soul

“Have you ever merged with someone and felt something weird? Weird like you don’t want to stop doing it. It was scary for both… I think. It was almost like we were the same person, very different but the same. Do you know what I mean?”

“Are you sure you are doing ok? You can’t possibly like somebody you opened up to. Because you know them too well. The most you can do is tolerate them”.


These were the words exchanged between two characters from a movie I’ve just seen.

Today I don’t feel the need to comment. Today I want only to think… and to think… to do this until I merge myself into the hidden side of the words above.

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever merged your soul with someone else and felt Eternity?

If your answer is ‘yes’… you don’t need my words… you already know it.

If not… I wish… I wish with all my heart for this to happen to you soon. You too, will also not need my words.

No human language can explain Eternity. No human ear will hear its immensity. No human eye will ever see its depth.

Listen to your heart and when that missing part of your soul is there for you… merge with it.

Don’t let life pass you by. Are you asking how to do this if that soul hasn’t appeared?

No… don’t do this to yourself… don’t give up.

You are here… we are here… to be happy… and we can be happy only if we have a complete Soul.

Isn’t it near you yet?

Call it! Invoke it!

The Universe will hear the call.

The End…
The End of your longing.

The start…
To be happy… be ONE!

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