Are we alone?
Are we alone?

How to… Run away from home


Have you ever taken a leap in time? I do this quite frequently, so let me take one now…


I’m a gorgeous 12 years old adolescent; with a well-developed brain… and an even better developed body for a girl.

Today was the best day ever… until now, of course. I just arrived home but I am still under the feelings born inside me from my classroom earlier today. Our classroom teacher approached us with a new theme… talks of other life forms in our Universe. The main question was “Are we alone?

Of course, the theme was not randomly chose today; therefore, we students had enough time to prepare for the next lesson. The homework was to read “Chariots of the Gods? – Unsolved Mysteries of the Past” by Erich von Däniken.

The lecture simply blew up my mind. Who ever read this book already knows exactly what effect it can have over the brain of a 12 years old child. Who hasn’t read it at this age, will probably meet the subject later. I don’t know too much on how an adult can feel about this subject, but as a child I just noticed that a pair of hidden wings started growing on my back.

Today, my smart brain understood that we are not alone here. Sincerely speaking I already had some clues during these years but today the teacher succeeded to totally convince me of this reality.

Today I fell in love for the first time. I fell in love with an idea. I am not alone here… and there are others like me. Wow!

And for the first time I want to go back home. Don’t get me wrong… I love the earthen home also; but today a deep longing started to burn all my internality. I want home!

The excitement and happiness is overwhelming my soul! I never understood what I am doing here, and who are all these people around me. I like all of them but somehow they seem to be different; they have other needs, they have other passions… I simply want to go back home near those who are like me. I am wondering nowwhy have they lost me here?

While already in my room and having already made the decision, I am now wondering what I should add to my luggage. Of course, I will take some luggage. How can it cross your mind that I would not need something like this? In this moment, I have no idea when my body will change its shape again, so for sure I will need some clothes with me. A bottle of water also… how can I be sure if they have water at home?

I am going back! What else should I take with me? I know… a mirror… I need to see how I will look each moment. I don’t like big surprises and therefore I need to know each phase of my evolution. What else? Yes, I know; I need a backpack. The black-grey one that I had with me last summer while climbing those enormous green mountains, will be just great for my needs.

Toothbrush… yes, I need it. My mom taught me to use it very well. Oh… I was almost going to forget. My blue eyes are looking around trying to figure out on what kind of paper to write the letter; the goodbye letter, of course. I love my mom and I love my dad. I am not very sure about my little brother who came one day from nowhere and took away from me, half of our parent’s care.

Dear Mom and Dad… Don’t be worried, I am well and back home. I…

I am ready. The long letter is already written. For sure, my parents will understand; they are smart and I never needed to explain to them too much because it seems that they always knew it all. Especially when I hide under the math manual, my favorite adventure book, pretending that I’m solving the most complicated problem that ever existed. Oh, I will take the book with me. Five volumes with Winnetou; I must take them. After I will arrive home, I will want to read about him some more. Maybe I will need to remember how to survive while those strangers are hunting my people.

I am wonderingis my family still looking for me? How come they haven’t found me yet? This is weird; too weird. I have to call them. I have to do it quickly… the letter is written, the luggage is ready. Oh… I almost forgot; my collection of stamps. Maybe I will find someone passionate enough to exchange some of them with me. I am wondering now… what if they don’t have stamps there? Oh, I refuse to think about that. I decided than… I will take the stamps.

What’s the time? Almost midnight?

It’s enough! It’s enough; I took too many things with me. What if they only allow a certain amount of weight on the spaceship that will take me home? I remember, the last time when we flew, dad was very upset that he had to pay for extra-weight on the plane.

Then it’s decided again. I’ve added enough stuff in my backpack. Oh… there is something more to add. I need a pen and paper to send a letter to mom and dad right after I will arrive home.

I’m ready to go now. The sky… those stars… are too many! Where should I direct my call? Where is my family now? I have to close my eyes, to prepare the space for the inner eye to open. I’ll call them now. I’ll close them… oh, I am so sleepy… I can’t sleep now… I must call my family, to tell them… I am here… I have to… the sky… that star… home…


Without even noticing, gently two eyelids covered the blue eyes that were eagerly scrutinizing the dark sky. On their retina, for the longest time lingered the image of the brightest star in the northern celestial hemisphere, the fourth brightest star in the night sky, a pillar to stand by; eons ago, they said it is one of the ten pillars to the sky.

And while now the real eye opened, the sky…


That day started the real story that is now the framework behind my next book Memories of an Arcturian – The Fugitive Galactic Child. What is true and what is fantasy will be up to YOU, the reader.

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  1. Thanks M.C.!!!
    I was subbing the other. history was the subject and Mrs Gordan the teacher. I asked one of the administrators as I checked in to be directed to this classroom… “is there a class and a curriculum for Future.” She looked at me kind of funny not quite sure what to say, when the resource officer 👮 responded in one word… “robotics!” I replied, adding one more word… “robotics with ❤️!”

    Are you writing curriculum for the FUTURE? Just an 💡 to dda to your idea 📦! 😂.


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