What is the unknown?
What is the unknown?

Someone asked today what do we know about the Unknown. My first reaction could not be blocked, and the immediate reply was… “Define Unknown”. Their response made me wonder if the initial question was a joke or not.

“Secret sciences and rituals of the occult, etc. So what do you know about them? Please explain.”

Now… I don’t intend to emit various theories about the style and desire behind the question.

But I am wondering inside a piece of my mind… Why would someone ever ask what there is to know about the Unknown?

My not so complicated brain give me a signal stating that if something is unknown to me, that would mean I don’t know anything about it; not even knowing that the unknown exists.

At the same time, my brain said that if the Unknown is about secret sciences and occult knowledge… then why call it Unknown as long as they are related to a field of science?

Secret or not… these sciences are very well known by the ones who know them.

Yes, it is possible for me to know about Physics and at the same time to have no idea about Oceanography. Even if I do or don’t know anything about them… they are still known… because… simply because someone knows about them.

Therefore, I am wondering now… What is the unknown?

I know… it is defined as a place, situation, or thing that you do not know about or understand; something that is not known or not yet discovered.

Grasping a certain level of reality, my brain tells me now that the “unknown” is a higher level that is yet to be attained after I begin to feel and completely understand the present one. Therefore, I would say that the unknown is not known but still exists in a potential known reality.

And… I am wondering… What do we lack to know the next unknown?

Is it something that we can determine and control? Is it something which we can influence without ever knowing that we are doing it?

Is my desire to know the unknown enough for me to succeed in discovering and learning about the unknown?

I am wondering… and wondering… Is there any difference between the “unknown” and the “Unknown”?

What IF… what if the unknown is only a level belonging to the Unknown?

If the unknown is only a level, it means the Unknown has at least two levels if not more. But… if I am already on a level, which for me is known, but maybe for others still unknown, it means that there are at least two other levels of unknown besides the one known to me and unknown to someone else. So… I am wondering now… what do I lack in order to step from my known level to the next one presently unknown? If it is unknown… how can I make the leap if I have no idea what steps must be taken?

I am wondering IF… I can step over a border that I don’t perceive and at the same time don’t know that there is something to be perceived… right in front of my eyes.

Moreover, if at some point in time I succeed to perceive this border… I am wondering… Will I ever have the courage to jump onto the other side… into the next unknown?

Who is the One who gives me the courage to make this step?

In addition, IF somehow the border, the door between the known and unknown is suddenly opening, and IF I decide to make a step forward and I am really doing it… How many steps like this must I make before I reach the Unknown? Is there someone who had made all these steps before me and reached the Unknown?

Moreover… After the Unknown was opened up and became Known…

I am wondering… What will be NEXT?

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