Why Play With Energy?


  • Because energy is all around us
  • Because energy is inside us
  • Because energy is FREE and it can’t wait for us to play with it
  • Because by knowing how to play with energy, we can find health and happiness
  • Because only the human mind transformed its perception into something complicated
  • Because playing with energy gives us the ability to perform miracles
  • Because we are enslaved by a system which taught us that… “we can’t do it”
  • Because all we need is TRUST
  • Because WE ARE ENERGY
  • Because it is our birth right
  • Ultimately because… WE CAN DO IT!




3 Things You Should Do Before Using Feng Shui

To use the ancient technique of Feng Shui, we first need to know what it’s about. I will presume that you already know what Feng Shui is, and at the same time you already possess some knowledge of it. I will further assume that you are in a situation in which you don’t know how […]

Feng Shui For Writers / M.C. Simon Author Interview

The Host – Chrys Fey: I’ve got a special author interview today! M.C. Simon is talking about a book that can benefit all writers: FENG SHUI FOR WRITERS. Check out the details below and her interview. 1. What inspired you to write this Feng Shui For Writers? To make the explanation short, while I was […]

FENG SHUI for WRITERS and an interview with author MC SIMON

Hello MCV, and hello to all your readers! It’s an honor to be interviewed by you. MCV: What is your book Feng Shui For Writers about? MC: First, this book is the product of my love for all the writers. While being an engineer, one year ago I decided to begin writing. Not only to […]

Why “NEVER SAY NEVER” is awry

It is said, “never say never.” I always thought that anything is possible and no matter what happens in life, we should believe with all our heart that we should “never say never”. Today… I suddenly have a feeling that this is not so true. On June 16th, 2015, my first book (Feng Shui For […]

The Road between Heaven and Hell

These days I prepared a series of articles about the influence of music, specifically Feng Shui Music, on the Writing Act. While doing it, I had the headset over my ears each time. A soft music was touching my physical and internal ears at the same time. At one point, I was satisfied and finished […]

Gratitude and Happiness

Gratitude and Happiness It’s amazing how words don’t come when a huge happiness is embracing all of your being. This week’s weekly thought will be short… maybe the shortest… just because my heart’s bliss is too deep to let too many words flow out from my mind. Today is a New Moon, and I’ve always […]

Indie Friday: Feng Shui for Writers

Hello, Ioana. Nice meeting you and your readers. Ioana Visan: What is your book about? First, this book is the product of my love for all the writers. While being an engineer, one year ago I decided to write. Not only to write as a hobby, but to do it so I can quit my […]

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