Thursday, August 11, 2022
how to improve your writing

Feng Shui For Writers / M.C. Simon Author Interview

The Host – Chrys Fey: I’ve got a special author interview today! M.C. Simon is talking about a book that can benefit all writers:...
up or down

Up or Down… which one’s deeper?

Without a doubt, many things have taken place throughout your life. And because of them, you’ve become wiser. Being wiser (of course, our ego...
search for happiness

13 Quotes to meditate on, while we are in Search for Happiness

Another year is almost gone and the new one is yet to come. We are still seeking Happiness. The good news is that whatever we really...
Childhood memories


MY 500 WORDS DAY 8 By Wonder Woman The Fall season installed one month ago, but it didn't succeed to kill the green color of the leaves belonging...
I am wondering what a window is.

What is a Window?

I am wondering what a window is. The dictionary says that it is "an opening especially in the wall of a building for admission of...
My Assistant

How to Become the Best at your Work

The president of a large company speaks to his assistant in front of all the employees on their 50th year anniversary day. "Congratulations! You have...
Who Am I

Who Am I?

Several days ago, a Romanian interviewer asked: “Who are you, MC Simon?” Well... this is one of the deepest and hardest questions someone can ask....
Nicolas de Largillière’s Portrait de François-Marie Arouet, dit Voltaire (1694–1778), Palace of Versailles

13 Voltaire’s Quotes that “Lighthoused” my Life

Today, I thought about life. I do this whenever a crossroad appears in front of my eyes. Has this also happen to you? When...
Be careful what you wish for

Do or Die – Your Wish May Come True

“I love him”, Amy just told one of the few lies she ever said in her whole life. If in that moment, Mr. McKay could...
Our main enemy

Do or Die – The Beginning

MY 500 WORDS DAY 25 - part 1 - By Wonder Woman Some time ago I read that 'time' is an invention of the human mind, to better understand...

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