Remember your Bright Future

Visualization is one of the most powerful tools that we have as human beings. It creates a reality that is real, even before it manifests for us as real in the physical realm. Is this hard for you to comprehend?

Many people still do not realize that they have the power to control their subconscious minds and in this way to obtain what their minds and hearts desire at the same time. Why am I making this statement towards the synchronicity of the desires of the heart and mind? Because many times, the society that we were born into, tries to control our minds and manipulates us through the implementation of so-called desires of our rational minds. At the same time, the heart that always knows what is best for us (seeing all of the reality with its internal sight) gives us signals about what we should really wish for. And when we don’t hear or understand its signals, what occurs is what we’ve dubbed as “unfulfilled desires”. In fact… this is not very true. Our real desires are inside of us and no matter what society wants to manipulate in us, when our minds and heart align and find an equilibrium, the momentum will happen and our dreams will materialize.

What we refer to as the visualizing act is in fact the ultimate tool for finding the momentum between our hearts and minds, so as to fulfill our real desires. If it is easier for you, close your eyes while visualizing yourself being successful. According with your own definition of what success means, visualize yourself feeling fulfilled and content with your success.

Enjoy that moment visualizing you are successful. Remember your future, as I like to say.

Mark Twain said this a long time ago… “When I was younger I could remember anything, whether it happened or not.” Was he referring to the visualization technique?

Remember your future… remember your future… remember your bright future!

By visualizing, you will attract opportunities to your path. In fact, visualization is an exercise for using the power of your mind.

Let’s face it! Your mind is tremendously powerful! You must only learn to use this power for your own good.

Maybe you wonder what, in fact, is this visualization technique and how does it influence the attraction for different situations and things?

Well… I will ask you… is it more important to find a detailed rational explanation for all of this, or is it better to know that it is functioning, and it is one of the most powerful tools a human being possess?

Moreover… it was, it is and it will always be ours… for free.

So, do you really need to understand the secret explanation of how it works, as long as it truly works?

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