Artist: Nicoletta Ceccoli
Artist: Nicoletta Ceccoli

While planning to work on a new health article, I was all at once confronted with a question that made me think a great deal.

The article will delve into cell regeneration and the optimal time of the day in which this process occurs. I suppose it is common knowledge that each of our cells is rhythmically regenerating. During my research, I found that the best time for this regeneration process occurs during the night, when the human body is at rest and sleeping.

While speaking with a close friend regarding my future article, a very important question was raised which suddenly made me wonder deeply about this subject.

I was in the middle of explaining the cell regeneration process happening at a certain period of the night for each organ of the body.

As I was sustaining my theory, the question suddenly hit my brain!

“If time doesn’t exist and everything is happening in the now moment, how is it that an organ in my body needs an interval of exactly two hours during the night to regenerate and cure itself?”

What a mind blowing question!

Now I am wondering even more… Can our free will influence all the information and experiments that have been done, which are helping us maintain a good health system?

Is it conceivable that if beyond any doubts, I succeed to connect with my subconscious mind through the process of autosuggestion… will I be able to materialize something I never thought possible?

I am wondering… are we indeed as limited as we were taught to believe from the first moment we set foot on this planet, in these human bodies?

Or… or…

Is there a deeper wisdom and understanding that can aid us in learning a better way of controlling all of what we experience here and now?

No matter what side of the planet you find yourself on or whether it is night or day now…

I am wondering… what do you think about it?

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  1. Well! I think that we each create our own reality. Most of us do agree with the accepted, “documented” knowledge of our time (me too!) and that makes the accepted knowledge more “real.” But miracles are always created outside of what is accepted as the current truth. The earth is not the center of the solar system AND Columbus did not fall off the edge of the earth either.

    • Totally agree with you, Madeline 🙂 I also agree with the statement you did in your website… “YOU already are psychic”.Yes, we already have it all… we need only to remember it. Wish you success in your activity. You are doing such a great job! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Night time, determined by melatonin release by the sun going down—and the introduction of he rest repair and replenish cycle—detoxifies our cells a t night so we can release any oxidative stress, intracellularly as well as inter-cellularly. It is all like clockwork. The hormones control it all. So much is going on between neurotransmitters, adrenal glands, cortisol production etc. The reason for sleep is so crucial and the quality even more so. Which ten leads into why eating protein for the first meal important. The protein used during the night, leaves the body depleted in the morning–so that bagel and coffee is dehydrating and not replenishing what was lost. So you can now see how how and why the need for a program I have used for over 30 years works: Eat. Sleep. Move. Pray. Love. It is all to serve the body as a whole orchestra so when who plays or does a really matters.


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