Drink Coffee With Me

Seeing so many readers interested in my last articles on coffee, I thought it would be nice to know what preferences each one of them has. The internet is filled with coffee recipes, most of which look so delicious… you would die to take a sip!

But… I wanted to feel the real people, I wanted to see what preferences you have… you, the readers who may not be professionals in the coffee field, but still… you love it, exactly like I love it.

Facebook was the only social network to which I directed my survey about coffee recipes. Here is what my request sounded like:

Request for ALL my present and future friends

These days, I began a study of coffee, and one of the sections will be about recipes. I already found lots of recipes that will appear in my next article, but… while talking with a new friend about coffee, an idea came into my mind… What if… I will write about recipes my friends are preparing?

🙂 Therefore I come now with a question for YOU: 🙂

“Would you be so kind telling me how do you prepare your favorite coffee? And… if you will send me your recipe, will you agree to use your name in my article?”

You can reply here, or you can send me a private message. All it will be highly appreciated!

Thank you in advance!



Coffee with Friends

  1. Non-coffee drinkers are more communicative than coffee consumers.

  2. Coffee drinkers can be the best humor writers.

  3. Men are more secretive than women when it is about sharing coffee information.

  4. If you want to make new friends, start a coffee survey and you’ll be amazed at the results.

  5. Aside from the beneficial effects that coffee has, which I mentioned in the article Finally! The Truth about Coffee, there is one more benefit that should be added: coffee makes people happier.

My intention was to select, classify, adapt, filter through my brain and conclude the results of the survey. But… while doing it… an idea came into mind. What if I will list all the original replies, so you too can feel the other readers?

I want to THANK YOU ALL, COFFEE LOVERS for replying to my request in such a wonderful way. A special THANK YOU to ALL the tea drinkers who took their time for sending me recipes for tea also (I will use them well in a future article).

Please read how others prefer to prepare the wonderful, hot, black beverage, which can bring a moment of happiness in our hearts while we almost forget about the stress caused by this tormented world.


  • I tried as much as possible to keep only your (the reader’s) comments. I kept mine only where it was necessary for your next reply.
  • I kept the exact order of appearance.

Coffee Love

  • Kate Coley I open the jar, measure out a spoonful, add sugar and milk and I’m done.
  • MC Simon Thanks Kate is it instant coffee? Do you add water?
  • Kate Coley Gosh yes MC, I forgot the water bit. Be pretty disgusting without it. And yes, instant coffee. I’m so lazy.
  • Alina Silvasanu My favorite coffee is Davidoff and I prepare it quite strong with a drop of milk. Sometimes, to indulge myself, I add a touch of Bailey’s.
  • Jana Lloyd Richards I drink Cameron’s toasted southern pecan coffee that is already ground. I make it light to medium flavor and I use some creamer in it as well.
  • Bryan Aucremanne I serve Costco’s Colombian every morning at 6:30am to between 30-55 folks in Anchorage,Alaska.
  • MC Simon This is great, Bryan! Where is my recipe? Don’t keep it a secret, please.
  • Bryan Aucremanne One cup/scoop, that’s it…
  • Joan OfArc Most favorite coffee in Albania are so called Turkish and espresso. I’m an expert for making good Turkish coffee and I think the secret lies in the light fire and continuous stirring during the preparation. As for espresso, the short one is better and more healthful than the long one. When it comes to the kinds of coffee we drink, they are divided into 2 big groups, Arabica and Robusta. The first one has more flavor, it’s light and more expensive. The second is strong and cheaper. Usually in Turkish coffee they use Robusta, but in espresso, there are more kinds of Arabica, that’s why it’s more delicious and it’s the sort most served in bars. I hope to have fully completed the task.
  • MC Simon Joan OfArc!!! I love Turkish coffee, especially those prepared in the sand. For sure you have more than fully completed the task. Thanks a lot!
  • Joan OfArc Hahaha seems like Turkish coffee fans do know sth about…delicious cups
    I made this pic some years ago, when we went on a picnic in the mountain. While others were concerning about the meat…I did this
    Delicious Cups
  • Tonia Hurst Ummm…I go to my Keurig and refill the ever empty water reservoir. I pop in a k-cup of Vanilla Biscotti coffee and consider this constant attraction to vanilla–but ONLY for coffee. I add three Splendas and some white and I drink it.
  • Roslynn Pryor LOL! My coffee recipe is much like Tonia‘s, only I hit the button on the bean grinder and then pour in ground coffee and cinnamon and water and wait for what seems an ETERNITY for it all to brew. Add half and half, and imbibe gleefully and gratefully. (I was ruined in England this summer, though. When I asked for cream, they gave me CREAM–none of this wimpy half and half stuff. LOL! I *don’t* buy whole cream here.)
  • Roslynn Pryor Norah, I shall take this moment to arise and call you bless-ed. (Does it count that I’ve never put sugar in my coffee, though?)
  • Norah Jansen Roslynn – with all the hype around cutting out sugar at the moment, cream is actually not on the bad foods list anymore. Fat is good – sugar is bad.
  • Peter Leigh Pour beans into machine (usually Columbian). Put soya milk into mug with one sugar. Heat soya milk in Microwave for 30 seconds. Put heated soya milk mug under machine nozzles. Press button. Beans grind. Coffee comes out whilst I stir it into the soya milk. Take mug, sit down, relax, drink coffee (or if kids are about, attempt to drink coffee in peace without spilling).
  • Linzé Brandon We have a Nespresso espresso machine that uses the pods. I drink decaf (the most potent one) most of the time with three sweetener pills, no milk. However, upon occasion I will drink Khazaar which is a coffee of intensity level 12, same prep. Also like to drink green tea with mint. And will drink berry flavored Twinings as well. All with 3 sweeteners and no milk.
  • Kyesubire Talitwala-Greigg Easy, I use instant Nescafe so put a spot of hot milk in the cup, add one sachet of coffee, top off with water and .25 tsp of sugar and we are good to go.
  • Alison Houghton-Kral Espresso – double shot – nothing else – purist! Old school! Either in my Nespresso or with my Italian stove top… Don’t get between me and my espresso…
  • Lynn Morgan Jarrett I put approximately 4 heaping teaspoons of whole Sumatra coffee beans into my coffee grinder. I grind them with four bursts lasting about 3-4 seconds each which leaves the grind a little course. I pour the coffee grounds into the French press coffee carafe. I then add water that has just boiled and is approximately 209 deg. F. I place the plunger in the carafe along with the cover. I place the knitted cover around the carafe so that it keeps the warmth and let it stand for about 5-7 minutes. When the time is up, I press the plunger into the carafe and pour a cup leaving about an inch from the top of the cup. Next I add 1/2&1/2 (which is half milk and half cream) and stir until well blended. Now it is ready to enjoy!!
  • Marsha Ingrao Vince makes a blend of regular Kona dark roast coffee that is, and decaf vanilla. We have well water which he filters, and the coffee is the best in the world. (I’m not prejudiced!)
  • Pamela Taeuffer Author When I’m at home, a percolated dark French roast. When getting coffee from Peet’s or Starbuck’s, a non fat extra foamy latte!
  • S.m. Larson Hazelnut decaff with sugar free/fat free hazelnut creamer. Starbucks favorite is a Venti Decaff Americano… Two pumps of sugar free hazelnut, two Splenda and cream.

Lynn Morgan Jarrett

    Now for tea, my favorite is Tazo chai, strong, with 1/2&1/2 (which is half milk and half cream) with a teaspoon or so of sugar so it is strong, peppery, spicy, rich, and sweet — hard to beat!!
  • Angie Brown I love this recipe. I have a Keurig and am trying to figure out how to do this in a k-cup.
  • Kylie Hastings Medium roast coffee in a my k cup, 1tsp honey, and a splash of almond coconut milk.
  • MC Simon Thanks, Kylie. Any kind of coffee or a favorite one? How do you prepare it?
  • Kylie Hastings I’ve been trying to find my favorite but I’m still looking. So far I like Gevalia quite a bit.
  • Lisa Murano Coffee blended with coconut oil and milk. Yummy!
  • Wendy Sondov You could match your favorite coffee recipes with favorite cookies to have along side (this coming from a baking blogger). My blog (The Monday Box) has numerous baked goodies with espresso or coffee as a main flavor, also all of my biscotti recipes are meant to be munched with coffee. As a confirmed coffee addict, I am looking forward to reading your posts!
  • Jessica Cramer Yes! Viennese Coffee – Designer’s Sweet Spot Relaxing today with an amazing cup of Viennese Coffee and a bit of classical music! #cooking #coffee #recipes
  • MC Simon Loved your article, Jessica!!! It sent me back directly to my childhood. My first memories are about the New Year concert in Vienna. Our grandma implemented a habit for each January, 2nd. That day was destined to listen and watch on TV the concert. Since then, I never missed any. Thanks for the memory and thanks for the recipe! It’s on my list now.
  • Jessica Cramer Thanks so much MC Simon, I am so glad you liked it. Sometimes you never know if anyone appreciates your writing, I am so glad it brought back such precious memories for you!
  • Laurie Fleming Happy World Coffee Day!! – Inspiring Two New Hampshire Kids Today is world coffee day, and I found this great…

Dina Angelov

    Usually I drink my coffee with a slice of lemon. I’m allergic to milk, so I’ll have problems if I drink it with milk, though I love latte and cappuccino, and everything with milk. Especially, hot chocolate 🙂 Now I use apple cider or pomegranate juice. Love it.
  • Judy Kennell-Richardson I am on a burn diet for ten days right now, and it doesn’t include coffee, wow–talk about a caffeine headache…miss my coffee so much….I just brew coffee with a machine that grinds the beans first, and then milk and sugar….no fancy recipe, just straight coffee!!
  • Judy Kennell-Richardson I am drinking coffee tomorrow, can’t stand it… my headache is killing me… yes, the brewer will ground the beans and than it brews the coffee….kind of expensive but we love it, I have to get a new one as ours just broke… $169 dollars…
  • Bryan Aucremanne Black count?
  • Rosemary Jarrell I’m a tea drinker, but I do love the smell of coffee, just not the taste. 🙂
  • Dawn Engler I drink both coffee and tea. How about recipes for both?
  • Dawn Engler I think my favorite when I have a sweet tooth is a raspberry mocha. Just a shot of the raspberry gives it just enough flavor. I also came across a coffee at a shop in Colorado called Aricha (sp?)… it was a dry roasted varietal that was really yummy. I used to have a Cuisinart that ground r he beans then brewed, but really a pain to clean!
  • Evon Robinson My new husband, Tom (married a year) turned me onto Willow Blend Starbucks, French pressed, me adding an inch of Cafe Mocha (liquid coffee mate) at the top. I’m an aroma junkie so I get so much enjoyment from letting the fumes tickle my nose as much as my taste buds. Pure Heaven! Have fun with your research! Great idea, btw MC Simon.
  • Evon Robinson I used to like the chocolate raspberry coffee mate, till they discontinued it. Used it all the time. Miss it.
  • MC Simon Thanks a lot, Evon! By the way… Happy anniversary!
  • Evon Robinson No problem MC. Glad to help. And Thanks! Love my coffee to taste like a dessert. mmm
  • Melissa Plantz I think this a great idea! I dessert type coffee I have when it is snowy outside is the York Peppermint Patty Coffee. I pour a large cup of coffee and drop in two mini Yorks. Just stir and drink. It melts right in your cup!
  • MC Simon Mmm… sounds tasty, Melissa! Thanks for this idea.
  • Patti Oskvarek I drink my coffee with flavored creamer. I hope you get a lot of recipes.

Now… how about an invitation to a k-cup?


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    • Giving up, Ruby? Who dares to suggest you something like this? :-)))))))))) I can understand having a board for coffee… I already wrote 4 articles about it and… I am thinking if to write a book already 🙂
      Thanks for the comment!

  1. I love coffee too. But, I think it tastes even better if you drink it with someone that you love. Try it and see for yourself! 🙂

    • 🙂 In this moment, I feel sorry for not announcing a contest also… “The best coffee recipe”. For sure your recipe would be the Great Winner!
      Thank you, Daniela <3 You are soooo right! <3

  2. I love coffee, but I actually drink decaf now for health reasons. I love to add milk or flavored creamer like pumpkin spice in the autumn. Even with that sweetness, I always have to add a nice stream of sugar. I drink more tea, though. In the morning, I always have green tea. 🙂

    Is today really your birthday? If so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

    • Thank you for your comment, Chrys! 🙂
      On the one hand, I have to admit that I tried some years ago drinking decaffeinated but… it was not such a tasteful experience. More than this, I read some articles about not being so healthy because of the chemical procedure.

      On the other hand, Yes, it was my birthday. Thank you so much!!! <3


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