Monday, April 19, 2021
Call Your Soul

Call Your Soul!

"Have you ever merged with someone and felt something weird? Weird like you don't want to stop doing it. It was scary for both......
Memories of an Arcturian - The Fugitive Galactic Child

Character Questionnaire – The Fugitive Galactic Child-Memories of an Arcturian

These are the answers to the Character Questionnaire. Within each question the first answer (1) is for the main character while in a human body...
Amy McKay

Do or Die – The Stubborn Child’s Wish

“You have to take care, Mr. McKay. There are a few cases of illnesses that start this way. No, she was not infected, but...
7 chakras

The Day I Became A Vegetarian

A short story about the 7 Chakras Everyone knows that after half a century spent on this planet, you are bound to learn and experience...
Do You Lack Time?

Do You Lack Time?

We are living in a busy world. Our lives are filled with lots of important things to be done. Some we accomplish while others we don't. Why...
Memories of an Arcturian - The Fugitive Galactic Child

Weave My Tale – The Story Argument Method (Part 6)

Exploring the Setting – The Fugitive Galactic Child-Memories of an Arcturian Ok. I am done now. I returned the books and now I am free to...
defining spirituality

Defining Spirituality

How Defining Spirituality turned into a Meaningful Volcano Someone asked me some time ago to define Spirituality. Hearing this request, my huge Ego instantly turned...
Man in the fog... By reddog54 @DevientART

Man In The Fog

MY 500 WORDS Man in the fog By Wonder Woman 7:20 am The fog almost takes all my visibility away. My legs slowly transport my body on its way...

Wonder. The Birth of Wonder Woman

  A fresh bright sunny day forced my eyes to slowly open. "What will I write today about?" asked an insistent voice inside my sleepy head. And...
Art by Jean Paul Avisse


You have a hidden desire. It is such a deep desire that you don't even feel the need to share it with others. It is yours,...

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