Saturday, November 27, 2021
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I recently visited my doctor for a cold I had. And guess what... she suddenly wanted to measure my blood pressure. She fixed her tools...
Scottish end of year employee rewards

Scottish End of Year Employee Rewards

The owner of a Scottish company is making his end of the year speech in front of all his employees. "You worked so hard all...


GO FORTH, SOUL! By M.C. Simon   Behold, eons ago, when the emanated existence Was exhaled by the everlasting nothingness, Ages behind, when nonexistence cast the die The blankness void emerging...
relaxation five minutes

How To Relax When You Are Too Busy – Part 2

How To Relax When You Are Too Busy Making Money  Part 2 – The Five Free Minutes Last week we talked about How to relax when...
Does money make you rich?

Does Money Make You Rich?

There are people who have money. And there are people who are rich. Rich people are happy. But... are those who have money also happy? I...
"Nirvana" by Mario Sanchez Nevado


Today I am wondering about entropy. A long time ago I learned in school that entropy is the degree of disorder or uncertainty in a...
Why Smiling Therapy

Why Smile Therapy? The Story Behind It

The classical example of the glass half empty and glass half full is splitting people in two categories; optimists and pessimists. If you look in...
Somewhere in time

Somewhere in time

"Somewhere in time"... is a beautiful movie I saw again today. Such a mind blower! This week I cannot even say I have a Thought to...
eerie yellow creature

Do or Die – A Scary Yellow

Inside the mirror, an eerie yellow creature was staring back at her. With a tingling sensation, Amy quickly turned around to look into the room...
Ice cream - yumm, yumm!

What is Happiness?

"What is happiness? Can we find happiness and keep it? Can we be happy or not?" This is how we ended our last talk on...

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