Is Smiling Contagious?

Several days ago I found an interesting video. I have to admit that I crossed many different moods as I was watching it. In the end, I made a decision. Whenever I will be upset, I will come back to this video and watch it. I think the effect it had on me was beneficial.

At the same time, my mind was hit with a few questions, “Is smiling contagious, or is there something more to it? What’s the degree of its influence?”

I know… I can try to find the answers on my own, but suddenly I thought that the real answers can only be found if my friends will help me.

For this new study, I propose a Survey for you. Will you be so kind as to help me find the best conclusion?

If your answer is ‘YES’, please answer the first three questions before watching the video. After the video ends, please answer the last four questions.

The survey and video will take less than 10 minutes of your time. But, I hope that they will be some of the most pleasant minutes. 🙂


Is Smiling Contagious?

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