As Above, So Bellow
As Above, So Bellow

Right after I closed my office door, I happily jumped and whispered with a smile on my face, “Yesss! The weekend has finally started!”

Two days of total freedom is now about to fulfill my heart. Nature itself enjoys this moment and after so many rainy days, the bright Sun took its place in the sky. On such special moments I always prefer to take a walk.

Located across the boulevard is a park for kids. Lots of toys wait for the children to arrive. And even if the Fall season is now here, even if almost half of October has passed, on this beautiful day children are taking advantage of this place. Their voices, their running, their laughter and joy, all of these wonderful moments filled the atmosphere. And what was bright until then, became even brighter. This brought back to my memory, moments from my childhood, when I was so happy playing in the same park, with the same toys; with one exception. A trampoline was added there several years ago. I never knew the feeling of jumping on it. Seeing the children’s delight, I always supposed it would be great!

I stopped for a while to see them. The children’s body positions while jumping, were so funny. I smiled seeing their hair moving up and down, I laughed together with their laughs, I studied their legs trying to maintain a balance when touching the trampoline. Its canvas was also moving up and down as soon as the children’s feet were touching or releasing it.

I soon started to pay attention to the height that the children were reaching. And… and… suddenly my mind was touched by a thought, exactly in the way the children were touching the trampoline; for them to reach a height, they needed first to touch a bottom. And even higher if they want to fly, they first needed an even lower level to immerse in, so to jump after… and jump… and jump.

Moreover, as they were jumping to the sky, my mind was also jumping to another thought.

Now I am wonderingWhat is a trampoline?

I know… they say it is a resilient sheet or web used as a springboard and landing area in tumbling.

According the definition, to jump you need a landing area. To land, it means the jump is temporary.

I now remember the saying: As Above, So Bellow.

I am wondering now… is this the same in the trampoline’s case? I mean, we take for example the relaxed moment when there is no above and no bellow, because no one is jumping.

But… as soon as you start to move vertically… the balanced moment is now changing. Yes, you jump but… I just realized now… the first move which you need in order to fly, surprisingly it is not the jump itself, but the down movement, bellow the relaxed phase. And looking at those children, I noticed that as low they are going bellow the trampoline’s resting stage, they reach the same height above it.

But… As Above, So Bellow… makes me wonder again.

What If… what if we apply it now to the spiritual side of life?

According to the sudden theory raised in my mind through wondering… to touch a higher level in spirituality, a higher level above your relaxed present stage… you need first to go down. You need it, otherwise you will never jump to fly.

But reaching higher is never enough. You want an even higher high and if it’s possible, even the highest jump.

I am wondering… to make this jump… are you supposed to go even lower or if possible even to the lowest level?

Then… I am wondering… Does reaching your rock bottom, provide the highest flight which you can possibly have?

And if the highest flight in our life would be to find the meaning of life… does it mean that only through touching the lowest abyss we will reach the answer?

I wonder and wonder again…

How far down must we go to reach the Abyss, so the propulsion will help us fly so high that we will not come back down?

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    • Thanks for stopping by, Matt 🙂
      You are right… it’s amazing. Therefore I decided to wonder each day about the simplest things around me.
      And… speaking about brilliant… your About page is brilliant! I just saw it and it hooked me so well that my hand forced me to subscribe to your newsletter. Now I am eagerly waiting what’s next 🙂


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