Monday, June 27, 2022
End of the World

Waiting for the End of the World

While I am waiting for my muse to shower over me some inspiration, I decided to wonder some more. Today I am wondering about waiting......
Breathing Done The Right Way

Breathing Done The Right Way

It’s a noisy world out there. The sounds attack all your systems, and this increases the stress level inside you. What can you do...
Remember your Bright Future

Remember your Bright Future

Visualization is one of the most powerful tools that we have as human beings. It creates a reality that is real, even before it...

Wonder. The Birth of Wonder Woman

  A fresh bright sunny day forced my eyes to slowly open. "What will I write today about?" asked an insistent voice inside my sleepy head. And...
Where is your home?

Where is your home?

Someone asked today in a survey... "Where is your home?" I saw some spiritual answers and some belonging to this third dimensional world. Therefore, I was...
7 chakras

The Day I Became A Vegetarian

A short story about the 7 Chakras Everyone knows that after half a century spent on this planet, you are bound to learn and experience...
The Truth About Coffee

Finally! The Truth About Coffee

Many files are laying in an arranged disorder on my desk. My laptop barely finds an empty space to rest on. Still... on the...
daily sex

Too busy to Exercise? Try Daily Sex!

Are you too busy to exercise? What if you combine pleasure with usefulness and look at daily sex making as your way to getting fit? Everybody knows that sex making increases the joy in our lives and maintains a healthy body. Therefore, based on medical reports, let us see 15 reasons why daily sex fits you.
Memories of an Arcturian - The Fugitive Galactic Child

Weave My Tale – The Story Argument Method (Part 5)

Protagonist Interview – The Fugitive Galactic Child-Memories of an Arcturian “Hi Elimar. Thank you for doing this interview with me. In this moment all galactic...
Playing with Energies

Beginning to play with Energies

The word energy came into my mind today. Being the owner of a Master's Degree in renewable energies, I enjoy this domain a lot. Yet,...

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