Becoming a Writer

How to Go About Becoming a Writer

There are many people who have a dream of becoming a professional writer. There are many ways to accomplish this goal. It basically comes...
7 Days Startup Challenge

You decide! 7 DAY STARTUP CHALLENGE or wait for the leprechaun in the forest

Everyone knows that MC Simon can’t restrain her excitement upon hearing the word challenge. Obviously, everyone already knows that MC Simon is me. For...
choose your own niche

How to choose YOUR OWN Niche

Choose YOUR OWN niche! Without a doubt, my editor would say that this sounds weird… almost non-sense… if it’s yours, it means you own...
choose a niche 2

Why Should Content Writers Choose a Niche? -Part 2

How hard is it to choose a niche? Without a doubt, it is extremely hard to choose a niche, especially when you are over 50....
choose a niche

Why Should Content Writers Choose a Niche? -Part 1

Before a Content Writer can Choose a Niche, he must first define what a niche is. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, the simple definition of a...
ask a content writer

7 Questions You Should Ask a Content Writer

It’s clear to me that, if the above title attracted you, it means you are in need of a content writer. This is great!...
good content

22 Questions a Good Content Writer Should Ask Their Client

The fact is that as a content writer you depend on your visibility. If you do not make your name known out there, I...
Content Writers Inquire

Why Should Content Writers Inquire With Their Client?

Everyone knows that a Content Writer writes. Perhaps you are also a content writer. Alternatively, maybe you intend to become one. Obviously, that is the reason...
find your niche

How to Find Your Niche – The Arrows Hit Its Bull’s-eye!

Once upon a time... everything starts as a story. What’s inside this story for you? Well... let me be brief. There is hope. Hope that you will...

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