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Choose YOUR OWN niche! Without a doubt, my editor would say that this sounds weird… almost non-sense… if it’s yours, it means you own it. Well… I have to disagree with my editor.

Just between YOU and ME now… can you imagine my editor’s eyes when he’ll read these words? I can almost imagine Hanna & Barbera’s cartoon when Tom’s eyes are suddenly popping out from his head because Jerry did a tricky thing that will now place the cat at a disadvantage.

But let me briefly explain what I mean. This way my editor’s heart will not race too much.

You can have YOUR niche, meaning your favorite niche that many others have also chosen. If for example, you elect to write about bicycles, it means you’ll target the readers that take up cycling. Meaning… you target my brother. You got it. Besides an editor, I also have a brother 🙂 (OMG… am I too old already? I started to tell you details about my life. 🙂 ). Well… my brother is a kind of a weird human being who is not only passionate but also addicted to his bicycle.

Sincerely speaking, I don’t understand my brother. It’s been already several years since he has been riding everywhere on his bicycle and when he would return home, sometimes his knees would be all scraped, other times he lost a few teeth, or he would return with huge holes in his head, and so on. What is there to like about bicycles?

But what can you do? Some people are passionate about a particular domain, and you are there to write about their passion. By the way, don’t imagine that my brother ever read an article about cycling. He is too passionate about riding, instead of reading about it.

Now… coming back to our example… you and your cycling niche. It’s your favorite niche, and you can write a lot about it because it’s your passion. But… it’s not yours. Many other writers can and have chosen to write about cycling also.

Now, what can we do to change the situation in your favor? Well, it’s not so complicated if you can narrow down your writing to the level of… let’s say that if you write about bicycles imported from Mars, you just found your goldmine! I assure you that no one wrote about this until now. No one, and I mean it, has ever written about bicycles imported from Mars, yet. You are the first one. This means that you OWN YOUR niche!

I hope my editor has got it now, also. 🙂

Of course, my readers who already have my books know that I simply love to give extreme examples. I usually write about cannibals, aliens, and so on… whenever I want to demonstrate anything. At least, I can bring a smile to my readers face if I’m not making myself understood. It seems that the reviewers noticed my fantastic sense of humor (should I become a comedian? No way… not my niche in this lifetime) in my recent book “How to Reach Your Writing Goals Like a Pro” when I talk about the cannibal whose goal is to fly to the Moon.

Let’s conclude for now.

Obviously, based on your passion, you choose the general niche and narrow it down. Find an original approach. No one asks you to invent the wheel but… you can add some colored tires. Then… talk about your beautiful and original tires mounted on the standard wheel. 🙂

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  1. I have had a hard time finding a niche that is why my blog is the way it is… I’m learning new things everyday about the art of blogging…. Thank you for this post!

  2. 🙂

    I think finding your niche is the hardest thing. Most folks, me included, think “yyuuuuuuugggge!” and cast a wide net.

    Maybe finding a smaller pond is intimidating or makes people afraid they won’t have clients/subscribers/readers/followers…. I dunno.

    I do know that I’m loving this series!

    • I hear you, Christian 🙂 I struggled a lot trying to find my niche. It’s hard to narrow it when your ego is saying that you are the best in every domain. Not you… Me! Hahahaha.
      Thank you for stopping by. Always a pleasure reading your comments.


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