7 Days Startup Challenge
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Everyone knows that MC Simon can’t restrain her excitement upon hearing the word challenge. Obviously, everyone already knows that MC Simon is me. For this reason, you have probably already figured out what my reaction was when my eyes saw this title… 7 Days StartUp Challenge.

… even if, at the moment when I found out about it, I was literally in the middle of another challenge… the 30 Days Referrals Challenge… specifically on the 17th Day.

The fact is… you already know that the earth is round. Can you figure out why I am suddenly affirming it? Because, just as this planet is round, we also find ourselves in a circle of events, that are tied to one another, even if we don’t necessarily see their connection.

Let me explain how one of these circles has recently influenced me. You’ll probably call it coincidence, or synchronicity, or even serendipity; or, even luck. No matter what it may be called, let’s see the steps I had to take.

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  1. While I was struggling to find ways of promoting my content writing business, I heard about a challenge. The 30 Day Referrals Challenge was in its beta version, and it was free before the launch.

  2. I thought this is a great opportunity for my business; therefore, I enrolled myself in it.

  3. The challenge allowed me to study and learn how to ask for referrals. If you are like me, you think that you already know everything about referrals. Well… Let me tell you… you don’t know, not even ten percent of all the aspects related to it.

  4. Being jubilant with the amount of information I received (of course, I will also review this challenge… but let me complete it first 🙂 ) , I was thinking of how great a deal it will be for my business.

  5. The SURPRISE hit me in the next moment! Yes, the Universe works hard to fulfill our deepest desires.

  6. One of the best copywriters that I admire, Joanna Wienne from CopyHackers.com, sent me an email since I was already subscribed to her website. (In case you didn’t know, this is one of the greatest advantages when you subscribe to a website. You receive the best information without even having to look hard for it. Ok… what are you waiting for? Subscribe now. 🙂 )

  7. She referred to a challenge that seemed to fit perfectly with my needs; The 7 Days StartUp Challenge.

  8. Clearly, I enrolled myself in it and… Here I am after the 7th day. How am I feeling, you may ask? Excited, happy, filled with more hope, and with an enormous suitcase of knowledge that I received during that week.

In a nutshell, allow me to highlight the circle mentioned above.

  1. I have a content writing business, and I intended to redesign it.

  2. One of my role models for my business is Joanna Weiss from CopyHackers.

  3. The Universe works according to my wish, and it placed in my way a Referral Challenge.

  4. While I was learning about referrals, my copywriter role model referred me to the 7 Days StartUp Challenge.

  5. I enrolled myself in the challenge and after seven days I decided to publish my review on here… first.

Maybe you’re wondering why I would decide to publish my review on here and not directly on the website where all my reviews are (WritersPayItForward.com)? Let me give you that answer.

my friend
Image: CC0 Public Domain

Because you are my friend! Yes, YOU!

How can I not let you know about such an opportunity when… you are over 50 and secretly willing to finally start living. Your new business is also enclosed somewhere there deep in your heart. However, you may have worries… you’re not sure how to start… or what… or when… or where.

Well… the 7 Days StartUp Challenge will show you every step you need to take; and, what will be the best… you only need one week.

You need exactly one week to get rid of your worries.

Of course, you can say that you don’t want to start a new business, that you are tired of working. Well… you are right but let me mention once more what Confucius said a long time ago…

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” ~ Confucius

Nevertheless, who says that you need a business? The challenge is for a StartUp. You are over 50, and I am sure that your imagination is grand. “So what?” you may ask.

Well… you can use the ideas and adapt them to your needs. Maybe a healthy life startup, or the startup of a new love… the options are infinite.

OK, Enough! Using a closing inspired by another role model that I have, Jon Morrow from BoostBlogTraffic.com, allow me to add that living the life of your dreams, “isn’t about luck any more than getting rich is about stumbling across a leprechaun in the forest with a pot of gold.”

Waiting for the leprechaun in the forest is up to you.

Next. 7 Day StartUp Challenge. The review your dream life needs!

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  1. oh, MC Simon. I too love challenges. I have many fires going all the time. Focusing and know that how our thought and our actions determine our emotions and visa versa is also the circle of how we get them all done.

  2. Great challenges! I believe no matter where you are challenges are wonderful and a great way to learn more about what you love!


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