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The fact is that as a content writer you depend on your visibility. If you do not make your name known out there, I doubt that you will have many clients. Nevertheless, when you have a new client, you need to be sure that you are both talking the same language. To be certain that there will not be any surprises during your collaboration, you have to ask some questions depending on the phase you find yourself in: before, during and after completing any assignment.

Of course, there are many times when a client finds you based on referrals. Therefore, from the questions bellow, you will choose what suits your needs.

The list is designed for a first time client who found you while making his researches online.

10 Questions to Ask Your Potential Client before Accepting any Assignment

These are questions to ask a new client. You will ask only once and the answers will help you and the client with future assignments.

  1. What made you trust me?
  2. How did you find me?
  3. What did you like most about my website?
  4. What exactly are you looking for?
  5. What makes you believe we are a match?
  6. Who are your top competitors and what sets your business apart?
  7. Why do you do what you do?
  8. Do you want a one-time project or a long-term collaboration?
  9. Do you need content or copy?
  10. Do you have a (digital) content style guide?

10 Questions to ask Your Client before Starting to Write

Let’s suppose that your client already designated a budget to this project and you already negotiated your fees and terms for this collaboration. However, to be sure that your first draft is almost a perfect piece, you have to remember to ask…

  1. Who is your ideal reader for this assignment?
  2. What fears does your ideal reader have?
  3. What challenges do your ideal clients have?
  4. What conversion should we aim for? Content or Copy?
  5. If any, what objections did your past clients have?
  6. How many words should the article be?
  7. Will it be part of a series?
  8. When is the final deadline?
  9. How can I contact you in case of urgent questions?
  10. Do you want to add anything else?

2 Questions to Ask Your Client After Completing the Assignment

Well… your assignment is done. You are too tired now for the next set of questions. Yes… being a copywriter can sometimes leave you exhausted. 🙂 However, don’t worry; you will regain your powers sooner than you think.

Therefore, you can restrain all the remaining questions to only two.

  1. Do you have any comments or advice towards the articles?
  2. Would you agree to write a testimonial based on the assignment?

There is a chance you’ve read this article even though you are not a content writer. Moreover, you do not intend to become one.

Obviously, there can be only one other reason for which you read up to this point. You are too busy with your business to find time to maintain your website. You know that it needs good content to attract new clients.

This means you are here because you are looking for a good content writer who is able to take this weight from your shoulders.

Yay… what a smart girl I am! 🙂

If this is you, then Contact me and let’s talk about HOW I can help YOU.

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  1. These are great questions. We should always ask certain things when we write content, if we have research that we want to share.


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