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Everyone knows that a Content Writer writes.

Perhaps you are also a content writer. Alternatively, maybe you intend to become one.

Obviously, that is the reason for which you’re reading this article.

However, at the same time you want to write qualitative and informative web page content, brochures, e-books or blog posts.

To do this in one-shot, you must know from the beginning the necessary details of your soon to be written piece.

Most of the clients approach you with “I need an article about XYZ topic”. What a blessing! YOU have a client! All seems great and maybe you want to hurry up and begin writing.

Now… listen to me! Don’t start writing just yet!

Do not hurry! In my native country, there is an old saying that states… “Hurry up, and you will ruin everything”. Moreover, you’ll gain needless headaches. Or even worst… migraines. You do not want to have a migraine. Believe me. I know, I was there, too.

Instead of writing based solely on a vague request, ask several important questions that will help you. You will be happy that you listened to me. Moreover, your client will also be pleased by your outcome.

Not only will questioning your client help you fulfill the project you both agree with, but you’ll also prove to them that you are a serious content writer and you really care about their needs.

Nevertheless, asking these questions will save you and your client’s time. It’s much better to be aware of all the details from the get-go, rather than to be forced to fix what you already laid out as a written piece.

15 Reasons Why You Should Question Your Client

question your client
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In a nutshell, you ASK your client several questions BECAUSE:

  1. You want to write and provide your client with qualitative and informative web page content, brochures, e-books or blog posts.

  2. You do not write based solely on a vague request.

  3. Asking questions helps you obtain the best approach towards the project.

  4. Asking questions proves to your client that you are a good and serious content writer.

  5. You care about your client’s needs and not only about their money.

  6. Maybe you are not a suitable writer for your potential client.

  7. Some projects require more research than others.

  8. Based on the preliminary questions you can adjust your fees accordingly, so both involved parties will be content.

  9. There are many details that a great outcome necessitates and you need to be aware of them before delivering.

  10. There is a big difference between web page content and a blog post.

  11. You need to know how often and for how long your client will use your service. This helps you manage your schedule.

  12. You need to know all the details about your client’s brand, product, services, and their clients.

  13. You have to know the client’s exact deadline and their goal.

  14. Your article will increase your client’s sales.

  15. You are the reincarnation of “The Wonder Woman”. Your mission can be fulfilled only if you wonder and ask the right questions (my apologies to the male readers. 🙂 )

Now… those were the reasons for “WHY” you should be asking your client questions, and I suppose you don’t need too many other reasons.

Still… There is just one more “why” question you need to ask… but not your client, rather ask me.

“Why should I check your website more often?”

And my answer to you is “Because YOU want to make a living from your writing and great information will always be available for you Here.”

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