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It’s clear to me that, if the above title attracted you, it means you are in need of a content writer. This is great! You made the best decision for your online business.

Maybe you’ve already searched online until you found a content writer that seemed to fulfill your needs. Even so, you still need to find some answers to be sure that you are a good match.

Everyone knows how to write; well, almost everyone. However, everyone knows the huge difference between the average writing and the persuasive writing. Nowadays a content writer is a bestselling tool that your business can possess. This “tool” can significantly boost your sales. Of course, you need a good marketing plan also. Nevertheless, no matter how great a marketing team you have if your content lacks… there is no reason to market any further.

We hear all the time people speaking about the power of words.

Well… yes!

Words do have a tremendous power and your Content Writer knows how to use them.

ask your content writer
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7 Questions for your Potential Content Writer

  1. What makes you believe we are a good match?
  2. Why did you choose content writing as a career?
  3. What do you know about our company?
  4. How do you optimize your content for search engines?
  5. What is your proofreading process?
  6. How can I contact you for urgencies?
  7. And… the tricky question. Content or copy?

Why is the last question tricky? The big difference between content and copy… you know, I know and any good copywriter also knows. However, there are many who don’t know that

  • copy is sale-oriented and
  • content is value-oriented.

It is not in your interest to let your business rely on a beginner content writer who doesn’t know how to convert very well. You need to boost your business; therefore, you must hire the best content writer for your needs.

But… my advice is to definitely not close the door on those who don’t yet know all the secrets behind good content. If their call is content writing, I guarantee that after you’ll ask, they will do their research and soon will know. Moreover, they will study a lot; and practice. And one day… who knows? Maybe they will become great copywriters also. Therefore, keep an eye on them and see how they manage their career. Maybe in the future, you will need their experience.

Everyone started out as a beginner. I was one also. You were, too. Let’s give the new beginners a chance. They are like a fresh breeze and you can never know what a fresh breeze can do for your business.

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Coming back to our subject… let us suppose that you just met a potential content writer. What will you do first? Of course, you will ask at least the questions mentioned above. If the answers appeal to your taste, you can bring into discussion the topic of your project. After you are sure that your potential content writer understands the aspects of the project, you can now ask them…

“What questions do you have regarding this project?”

Of course, it is for your interest to know the possible 22 Questions a good Content Writer should ask.

If your content writer’s questions are aimed far from the list, or worst yet, he has no other question except those aimed towards the payment terms… I have doubts that you are a good match. No one who only cares about the fees can suit your needs.

Your interest is to avoid a writer who cares only about the money you can pay. Instead, choose the one who passionately cares about the project itself.

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  1. Thank you for sharing as I was wondering how I might start going about engaging a content writer when I decide I need to outsource that role 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by, Susan! Happy to know that I could help. The article belongs to a series. While it aims the aspiring content writers, you can also take advantage because you’ll know what to check when your copywriter will fulfill a task.


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