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How hard is it to choose a niche?

Without a doubt, it is extremely hard to choose a niche, especially when you are over 50. At this age, your problem is not that you can’t dig in and comprehend a niche. The real issue is that you have so much life experience already. Moreover, you know that this life is so beautiful; there are so many interesting or fascinating domains. How in the world can you ever select only one, when you know you can help other people using your gained knowledge in so many fields of interest?

Who am I to say this? I am the writer who had struggled for a long time to understand which of the domains I’ll be somehow deleting from my list? I just couldn’t decide for a long time what to choose from so many passions that I have. It took me not less than one year and a half to finally feel my call; my ultimate call… for NOW. 🙂

But… my call is not our domain of interest here.

It’s YOUR call. We are talking about you here.

Let’s see…

7 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Niche

Let’s first be brief, and we will come back later to dissect each reason. Well… you should choose a niche as a content writer, because…

  1. You want to write and make a living from your writing.

  2. You have a blog/website, and you want to attract subscribers.

  3. You want to build your brand.

  4. It defines your passion.

  5. Being a writer, a blogger and having a brand, you will impress your prospects.

  6. It enables you to create a perception around what you do.

  7. It helps people remember you; therefore, it will be easier for them to give you referrals.

One Reason Why You Should Not Choose a Niche


  1. People change throughout their lives and so do their niches. Maybe you chose to write about fashion for aboriginals in a particular area. You become an expert at it, and everyone recommended you and your business as the best in that branch. But… one day, the aboriginals began to prefer wearing modern clothing. This is what we call “evolution”.

    What about your niche? Your niche will soon die if you do not find another zone on this planet where aboriginals still want to be aboriginals… What will happen with your business based on aboriginal’s fashion in a particular place?

    Well… You already know the answer. You succeeded to make a brand in your niche and… when your field of expertise practicality disappears, people will still recommend you as an expert; but as an expert in an old domain, a failed one, a domain that no one needs any longer.

    For this reason, choosing your niche is a serious process. The good news is that being over 50, you have enough life experience to sense what will be a dead domain in the near future, and what has large open windows on the market.

My one advice when choosing your niche is… Choose YOUR OWN niche! My editor would say that this does not make sense. However, in the next article, we will deconstruct my editor’s opinion… if I survive my editor’s attack after reading these words. 🙂 Therefore, I invite you to subscribe to my newsletter. You will always be the first to know if I am still alive.

Last time I tried to deconstruct an expert’s opinion, my inspiration was Stephen King. Have you read that article? It is not about content writing but, if you want to embrace the content writing career, it will definitely help you. Check Fighting Against Adverbs. I doubt that Steven King has read my approach, but on all social networks where it was shared, the readers’ reaction gave me lots of satisfaction.

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  1. You made my day !! Great reading great advice. Being a farmers daughter I can see the point in having more than just chooks on a farm. Duck eggs make delicious breakfast meals too 😉 Same basket different content for the season when the hens stop laying.

    • Being a farmers’ daughter sounds so exciting to me, Maxine! I was born and raised in a big city and never have contact with a farm. I should visit one… at least to try the duck eggs breakfast 🙂


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