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Before a Content Writer can Choose a Niche, he must first define what a niche is.

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, the simple definition of a “niche” is as follows:

  • A job, activity, etc, that is very suitable for someone

  • The situation in which a business’s products or services can succeed by being sold to a particular kind or group of people

Theoretically, as a content writer you should be able to write about any subject for your client’s interest. And in practicality, you should be able to do the same.

But I have to tell you… if you want your name to gain market recognition, you need to add your own print to all that you do and write. Your personal fragrance should be sensed from far away.

In this way, you will attract your old clients again and again for new content. Moreover, this will also attract new clients. Do you know why that is? Because, the fragrance travels through unknown and mysterious ways. The only thing that you must do… is to continue doing what you enjoy. Mix your aromas and let the universe work for you.

A niche can be defined in many ways. As a content writer, you need to choose a niche and at the same time be able to write about any other niches. It seems that we have a dilemma, don’t we?

Well… who says that a niche should be something tangible? Believe me, the dilemma is only imaginary! My main niche when it is about content writing is “giving hope, trust and confidence” to my client’s customers.

3 Examples to Help You Choose a Niche

Follow along a few examples that help you see how we can connect your chosen niche with others. You can write:

  1. for the first client about a musical concert hosted in their hotel

  2. for the second client about the coffee that their restaurant provides

  3. for the third client about the vegetables that their customers can shop for at their store

But… if, for example, you choose a niche such as… writing to spread the hope for health improvement… you can complete all the tasks without any worry that the client will not be pleased.

  1. The hotel can gain more clients if you explain how stress levels will decrease when choosing to stay there, especially when they have the chance to listen to divine music each day (Music That Heals Your Soul… And a Few Words About Dracula’s Blood).

  2. Your client’s customers will be delighted with the coffee if you point out its influence over the human body (Finally! The Truth About Coffee).

  3. All the mothers and wives in your client’s neighborhoods will do their shopping from there, knowing that their families health will be maintained, or even better, improved (How Can Celery Restore Your Health).

The articles above were written for my readers and not for any particular client. You have only three examples above, but you can adapt the idea to your specific circumstances. The examples can go on and on up to infinity. Do you have any doubts? Try it.

If by chance you still have questions, shoot me a message. I will gladly answer you.

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  1. Another great one…especially the examples of taking seemingly disparate events and find ways to weave them into what your niche is.


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