Art by: Bambang Suryoputro

What if I’m a Virus

I am thinking about viruses. And... I wonder if, instead of eliminating them, if it would not be better to make peace with them. I...
Where is your home?

Where is your home?

Someone asked today in a survey... "Where is your home?" I saw some spiritual answers and some belonging to this third dimensional world. Therefore, I was...
THE FUGITIVE GALACTIC CHILD – Memories of an Arcturian

Weave My Tale

NEW PROJECT'S JOURNAL WEAVE MY TALE This Journal is similar and at the same time different from what its definition is saying. It is similar because it...
Art by Donald Zolan

The Act of Giving

I was wondering what it means to give. I was wondering what you could give. And most of all I was wondering how can you give. After...
Art by Claudia Tremblay

What is Respect?

I was wondering... what is Respect? I found many definitions about respect; and none of them satisfied me. All point to its external manifestation. Briefly,...
Art by: Norvz Austria

A Serial Procrastinator

I am a serial procrastinator. And I enjoy it a lot! It makes my life so interesting when the adrenaline invades my veins, knowing that...
M.C. Simon Writes

Guest Posts by M.C. Simon

M.C. Simon (Author) M.C. Simon is the writer behind the words on this website. In this section she will list some of her latest posts...
Help Your Soul

Soul Help

How can you help your soul? Your soul doesn’t need to receive help. It needs to be revealed. ~ M.C. Simon
Heal the World

How to Heal the World

Heal the world by carrying in your heart at least two persons. Carry the one who carries you in their heart then add another...
Real Love Means to be a Slave

Real Love

Real Love means to become a slave for the one you love. The question is: What is becoming a slave mean? ~ M.C. Simon
Writers Pay It Forward