Real Love Means to be a Slave
Art by Calvin Carter

Real Love means to become a slave for the one you love.

The question is: What is becoming a slave mean?

~ M.C. Simon

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  1. This is to many a painful topic especially when looking at the history of slavery. So I see by contrasting or separating the history of slavery from the word to just look at it in a functional or scientific way it can help maybe even create a new “slave trade” so to speak.

    Slave in its simplest form and when applied to a person can probably be summed up in the phrase “to help or assist another in achieving what they want or desire”. There are many other ways to look at this too.

    Our whole body is here to be slaves to what we want in life. Everything on the planet is really a slave to something else…..the earth root on a tree or plant is a slave to its trunk and the trunk to its branches…..keep carrying this out and you see that especially the tree is a slave to humanity as we build houses and such…..for a plant they are serving us delightful aromas and fruit and medicines.

    There really isn’t anything here on earth that doesn’t take the role of a slave, which is really to serve another person, thing or idea. People can even make a game out of it where you try to find out what makes another person happy and change the history of slavery into the “HAPPY SLAVE TRADE”

    This quote comes to mind that I learned early in life…..”chose you this day whom you will serve, God or man.” If you don’t believe in God, and that is ok too, at least serve mankind and that way you might live longer to figure out “the God thing.” Maybe too we have to learn to love others first and that will take us to a place where we will discover this God/Creator/Hidden Force thing! 🙂

    • Wow… Lee… is exactly what I intended to transmit when I posted the thought for this week. Thanks for developing so beautiful this theme. And thanks for stepping by 🙂


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