Art by: Bambang Suryoputro
Art by: Bambang Suryoputro

I am thinking about viruses. And… I wonder if, instead of eliminating them, if it would not be better to make peace with them.

I am wondering if I, as a human being, exist in fact in a bigger body, of course of a non-human being; at least not human like we now define the humans.

What if I am just a cell inside that body or even a virus?

If I am a cell belonging to an internal organ, it means I have a beneficial role and I am desired there as long as I fulfill my duties.

But, what if I am looked at like a virus and the owner of that huge body tries to eliminate me? For sure I do not like this idea too much. I would want that body’s owner to try to explain to me what I am doing wrong. I would like Him to give me the chance to change myself, so finally to bring Him contentment.

Moreover, what if even a bigger body’s owner would try to eliminate the body in which I am living as a cell or a virus? I will disappear also and with me… that little, microscopic being that I am referring to as a virus. In this case, would the giant body’s owner be happy to know about the chain reaction?

I am sure, if that owner would explain to me the situation, I would try with all my heart to not cause any further damage. Maybe if I am doing well on my level, the giant body’s owner will not kill my host anymore.

So, what if the viruses inside our bodies would also like to know what’s wrong?

Who am I, to kill a virus without giving it a chance?

~ M.C. Simon

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  1. Their job is to aid “Evolution”. Evolve, transform, and they get reabsorbed back into the Stream of Life where they came from.

  2. You shouldn’t interfere with God’s way.
    That’s right

    Let the virus live until eventually it may not let you live.

    But what to do.. you have leucocites… they would fight the virus for you…
    God’s ways again… 🙂


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