This Journal is similar and at the same time different from what its definition is saying.
It is similar because it reports on things of special interest to a particular group of people.
It is different because in this journal will only be found the accessing gates for the steps taken.
It will practically be a “technical” journal about a new project in which I’ve recently enrolled in – Weave my Tale.

It is a new idea of project management, based on hosting and advising. Weave My Tale is a story-development community that believes the clearest path to success lies in the stories that you will write after you master the art of storytelling.

Anyone can play the two main roles: being a host or an adviser; or you can be both.
As a host, you have to write a story. You can come up with your own idea or you can borrow one from a person involved on the project. After reading your plot the advisers will give you their comments. It is only your choice if you want to follow their advice or not.
As an adviser, you have to share your opinions and ideas for new directions.

The project has strict steps that you must follow and the role of this journal is to indicate these steps, as soon as they are done; of course, you will have the link where you can read and comment.

You can also be part of this project, as a host or adviser, joining at the following link: After joining you will receive all the necessary documents to start.

Or… if you want, you can comment on this page. I will always be happy to know your opinion.


That day started the real story that is now the framework behind my next book MEMORIES OF AN ARCTURIAN – The Fugitive Galactic Child. What is true and what is fantasy will be up to YOU, the reader.

MEMORIES OF AN ARCTURIAN - The Fugitive Galactic Child
The Fugitive Galactic Child

Step 1:

Four questions about the novel developed during this project which had to be answered.
The last question was… Why you joined “Weave my Tale?” :

“Do you want a poetic answer? Let me be sincere. I’ll write the phases that I’ve crossed in subscribing to this project…”


Step 2:

About the story:

“This is a story based on a mix of personal experiences in my earthen life and the parallel dimensions of my dreams. Do strict borders exist between these worlds? What are these borders?

Maybe there are… or maybe not… maybe we will understand more about them after reading the memories of the main character”.


Step 3:

These are the answers to the Main Character Questionnaire.
Within each question the first answer

(1) is for the main character while in a human body and the second answer
(2) is for the main character while in the Arcturian dimension.

  1. How tall are they?
    1. on Earth: the height of a 12 years old girl
    2. on Arcturian dimension: 8′ 1″
  2. What is their body shape?
    1. human
    2. humanoid
  3. Do they have any disabilities or physical differences?
    1. on Earth: normal girl, blonde hair
    2. on Arcturian dimension: tall, white-blue skin, blue-grey long hair


Step 4:

These are the answers to the Antagonist Questionnaire.

  1. How tall are they?
    1. 8’5″ like most of the Arcturian males.
  2. What is their body shape?
    1. Humanoid
  3. Do they have any disabilities or physical differences?
    1. white-blue skin, blue-grey hair made by light, has three metallic blue eyes on his forehead disposed in a triangle, exactly like Zilarion-the guide.


Step 5:

Do our Protagonist and Antagonist argue? Which is their Argument’s Root?

“All stories can be looked at as an argument between the Protagonist and the Antagonist.”


Step 6:

The Argument (excerpt)

“Send her home, Zilarion! I do not want her here. It is too soon.” I suddenly heard the voice I hated so much.

“Don’t be so loud, Dabong! You know I didn’t have any other option.”

“I would never understand this. Why do you always say, you did not have an option? You are the guide. You’re supposed to have an option. Explain to me, I feel my head exploding. I’m in charge here! I want her out!”

“I know, I know, you are in charge in this school, but you know very well Dabong, that there are several other schools for all the planets which we oversee.”

Zilarion… in this weird world he is my only friend; exactly as he was during my short existence on Earth. Those memories came in my mind while I was spying on my enemy and my only friend. I was not sure in that moment who was the one who my teacher wanted to be expelled from school. Nevertheless, more than ever I was now sure that Dabong had a problem… he hated everyone.


Step 7:

Protagonist Interview (excerpt)

“Hi Elimar. Thank you for doing this interview with me. In this moment all galactic races are seeing us, no matter of the time and space they belong to.”

“Hi Sol-ra and Hello all! Thank you for having me”. I answered while trying to calm my heart beats. Knowing that all races and the galactic Councils where instantly seeing me, made me feel somehow uncomfortable.

“The first question the Councils chose is: Why did you decide to let me interview you?” Sol-ra asked surprising me. I was expecting to begin with any other question but for sure not this one. I instantly checked if the chi ball was activated. In that moment I understood why before the interview started, Sol-ra gave me the chance to prepare my protection. Being my best friend here and knowing me so well, she was sure I will not want to let everyone read all my thoughts. Therefore, I sent her a thanking thought through a mirror designated only for her, and I replied.

“First of all I decided to accept because you are my best friend here since the first moment when I entered the space gate. Second, I accepted because it is a huge honor to know that the Councils took away from their time and postponed urgent and important projects, to hear my thoughts. Third, because soon I will have to enter into a combat from where I don’t know how I will come out, so now it’s my only chance to let my voice be heard by all races. I know we are all connected but it is a great egoistical pleasure to know and to perceive it, here and now and not in an infinite time and space which I can’t control yet.” My answer came and even if I had no idea where this thought came from, I was proud of myself.


Step 8:

Exploring the Setting (excerpt)

Ok. I am done now. I returned the books and now I am free to go on my way. I am happy; my new path still cuts across the park. I love this park. In it, I always found something to calm my mind down. My feet entered towards the first alley. I know this is a place I will miss immensely; thus, I decide to sit on a bench for a while. I have to admit… I have emotions. I do not know where I am going, I have no idea why I considered going in this direction first, but somehow I feel that the desert will solve my problem.

I relax my body for a while. I let my lungs fill themselves with the fresh air. It is a beautiful, sunny, morning in June. On both sides of the alley, colorful roses in the rosebushes have already blossomed. The fresh air is filled with their fragrance. I remember now what mom taught us when we were children. It was a powerful clearing meditation using roses. I don’t know if after finding what I am chasing, I will ever see another rose again. Therefore, I decided, maybe for the last time, to use a rose. Inside my heart chakra I feel congested. It probably remained there after what had happened yesterday with those two evil eyed men. I do not want this energy coming with me in my travel so the rose is exactly what I need right now. I know I can do this meditation using only my imagination, but for some reasons I want to touch a rose; and so, I take a yellow one from the rosebush. I touch my nose with its soft petals and let the fragrance fill my entire body. This smell… I love the smell of yellow roses. From all the roses, I always favored the yellow ones.
The fragrance of a yellow rose on a sunny morning in June… what else should I desire more in my last moments from the place I have lived until now?


… More updates coming soon 🙂 …

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    • Thanks Jim! It is all due to your project “Weave my tale”. It’s the most interesting project about how to write a book which I saw till now. I wish lots of writers to hear about it, to practice.


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