Art by Donald Zolan
Art by Donald Zolan

I was wondering what it means to give.
I was wondering what you could give.
And most of all I was wondering how can you give.

After I stepped on the path of wondering, after the scrutiny inside my soul was done, I realized that…
It is not about what you give,
It is not about the gest, with which you give,
It is not even about the smile that accompanies the giving act.

The only thing that really matters is HOW you give…
You have to WANT to give.

It is said that the final act resides in the initial thought. Everything being eternal and all happening only in the Now moment, means that in the moment when you really think to give, the giving has already been fulfilled. This is the only part that is dependent on you. From this moment on, everything else is in the Creator’s hands.

And this is the moment when Miracles happen.

~ M.C. Simon

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  1. Always give from your heart…”With the giving of self you shall receive” When you give from your heart, you give yourself the joy of giving!


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