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M.C. Simon
M.C. Simon

M.C. Simon is the writer behind the words on this website. In this section she will list some of her latest posts she has written for other websites as a guest blogger. To learn more about M.C. Simon, check out her bio.

Too busy to Exercise? Try Daily Sex!

Are you too busy to exercise? What if you combine pleasure with usefulness and look at daily sex making as your way to getting fit? Everybody knows that sex making increases the joy in our lives and maintains a healthy body. Therefore, based on medical reports, let us see 15 reasons why daily sex fits you.

How to Boost Music Efficiency

Can you really boost music efficiency? Well… yes. No matter what expensive therapy you choose, listen to the music that your heart tells you it’s relaxing.

The Day When I Decided to Live

It was 2007 when my life crossed paths with Karin’s. We were both enrolled as new online students at a well-known Academy in Israel. A new journey in studying had started, and an old wisdom and science opened the gates for us. We are still studying… it’s a lifetime study and even beyond… Not about […]

Indie Friday: Feng Shui for Writers

Hello, Ioana. Nice meeting you and your readers. Ioana Visan: What is your book about? First, this book is the product of my love for all the writers. While being an engineer, one year ago I decided to write. Not only to write as a hobby, but to do it so I can quit my […]

FENG SHUI for WRITERS and an interview with author MC SIMON

Hello MCV, and hello to all your readers! It’s an honor to be interviewed by you. MCV: What is your book Feng Shui For Writers about? MC: First, this book is the product of my love for all the writers. While being an engineer, one year ago I decided to begin writing. Not only to […]

Feng Shui For Writers / M.C. Simon Author Interview

The Host – Chrys Fey: I’ve got a special author interview today! M.C. Simon is talking about a book that can benefit all writers: FENG SHUI FOR WRITERS. Check out the details below and her interview. 1. What inspired you to write this Feng Shui For Writers? To make the explanation short, while I was […]

7 Reasons Why Delegating Is NOT Optional

For sure, every adult person was once a child. To be a busy person it means you are already an adult. Therefore, we can extend the statement and say that… Every busy person was once a child; not that we had any doubts about it. 🙂 Going back to your childhood, for sure you also […]

Unclutter Your MIND to Reach Your GOAL

In truth no matter what your goal is, the first step that you must take to reach your goal is to unclutter your mind. One of the reasons for which you still haven’t reached your goals, is the fact that all of what you’ve learned and heard, were implemented ideas that are now blocking their […]

How to be ZEN while having a toothache

I have one request of you! Read the title well, please! I didn’t state that you will heal your tooth but rather only avoid the tooth pain until the moment when you decide to see the dentist. Last year, my daughter had lots of tooth problems. Therefore, we had to begin some treatments. Usually, I […]

The Body’s Healing Powers

Let’s suppose that you are very busy. Let’s suppose that your life is so busy because you’re chasing a dream you want to materialize. Of course you have at least one dream, don’t you? Why else would you be so busy if not for the need to materialize your dreams? Well… maybe sometimes your dream […]

10 Tips to Attract Happiness for Busy People

You should never be too busy to be happy. Finally… why are you working so hard for, if not for finding happiness? But… until you find the greatest happiness, why not try to have some intermediary moments of happiness in your agitated life? 10 Tips to Attract Happiness Smile often Yes, just this… smile. Smile […]

The Perfect Tea for Getting Rid of Insomnia

Without a doubt, a promise is a promise. In our last article, “15 Sleeping Tips that will Make Your Doctor Unhappy” we promised that you will receive some very old recipes, recipes that are useful when you deal with what we call “insomnia”. Of course, most people have had to deal with getting rid of […]

15 Sleeping Tips that will Make Your Doctor Unhappy

Everyone knows that our daily mood is influenced by our nightly sleep. Of course, it’s not a surprise that this affirmation is also true in reverse order. As busy people, we must deal with lots of stress during our daytime but… what if I told you that taking care of your night sleep, will give […]

It’s Sleep Time! Be Zen!

A well-known Zen proverb says, “You don’t have a soul. You are a soul! You have a body.” There can’t be more truth revealed in this world, than the truth that lies behind these words. Indeed, you have a body. A vehicle that helps your soul experience the busy life on this planet. Our experiences […]

Breathing Done The Right Way

It’s a noisy world out there. The sounds attack all your systems, and this increases the stress level inside you. What can you do about it? How can you change what seems unchangeable? It is an external influencer; it is not in your hands to change it, nor to influence it. Then, what? Even if […]

ZEN Guide for Busy People

Nobody needs more happiness than the people who are too busy to be happy. We live in a great era nowadays. We have all that we need and then some. The latest technologies, business lives, big corporations, more and more utilities that we consider our friends. Moreover, we consider them our life goals. However, are […]

How to…Write a Nonfiction Book in Ten Days (While crossing the writer’s block)

How to…Write a Nonfiction Book in Ten Days (While crossing the writer’s block)   You have a blank page on your desk, a blank screen on your laptop, or whatever blank object you want to have in front of your eyes. You stare at it wondering how you will manage to fill it with words; wise, […]

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