According with Wikipedia, a journal has several related meanings:

  • A daily record of events or business

  • A newspaper or other periodical, in the literal sense of one published each day

  • Many publications issued at stated intervals

Well… it seems inappropriate for me to refer to my articles as Journals; I only write stories from time to time.

But… because there are more and more voices that claim the inexistence of what we call “time,” I will consider that we are in a continuum present. Therefore, I will call this section “Journals,” even though the frequency of my writing will not be as frequent.

Why should you write a journal? Because…

A journal is a record of thoughts and experiences. It is a space where you are free to express yourself, without following any rules.

What should you write about?

Of course… write about anything.

For example… I have personally started more than 20 years ago keeping a written record of the dreams I had at night. I already have a collection with tons of handwritten papers of my dreams. Maybe you don’t believe in the power of dreams. Whether I believe in them or not, I will tell you a recent story about a particular dream I had. This will clarify WHY I believe you should write a Journal… about anything you want.

Last year, while talking with the man I love, I remembered having a dream some time ago related to the subject of our conversation. I looked through the files where I had recorded my dreams and tried to locate that particular dream. I was uncertain where or when I had written the dream in all those papers, so my search wound up going as far back as year 1999. This was a sad year for me because my father, whom I dearly loved, had to leave this planet. Soon after his departure, I started to have many different dreams in which we had many interesting conversations.

Seeing and being reminded of those dreams… I suddenly felt melancholic, and I started reading some of them. But…

After several minutes… I froze!

Yes, I froze! And even now that I’m only telling the story of what happened… I have chills all over my body.

It was right there in front of my eyes… a talk I had with my father in one of my many dreams with him.

I will not elaborate on the dream as it may not be relevant to you at this moment. The main subject however was about life, death and reincarnation. I will tell you only the final sentence that my father told me before that morning came around on that lonely corner of the planet where I was living, right at that moment when my eyes started to open.

His last words were, “Never forget the name, Bogdan. Always remember it!”

Yep… the chills are still here all over my body. At that moment, I didn’t know anyone with that name. Moreover, a long time passed and I still had not met anyone by that name.


Let me tell you now the name of the man I love… my Husband’s name is… Bogdan! Not a very common name, I have to admit.

So… I had his name in my journal already, for so many years. But… the human mind is forgetful, and it doesn’t have the ability to remember all the details… especially if at the moment when something is revealed, you don’t very well understand what it’s all about.

I will not comment any further. I still have chills remembering that dream. But I am happy… I am happy because a long time ago I decided to keep the Dream Journal. Now, I intend to read more from it… who knows what other things, long time forgotten, I can bring to the surface?

Thinking of that journal, I decided to start a journal section on my website. Maybe one day I will transcribe my dreams… or maybe not… but… meanwhile, I found many other reasons to keep a journal with different thoughts. One day I will probably need them. One day when everything will have been forgotten, the tracks will remain here.

And… maybe you will decide to do the same.

Who knows? Maybe one day, in the future… reading what you wrote now… you will understand, you will really understand, what now may only seem foggy.


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